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Mar 14, 2013 07:30 PM

Looking for Cippolini onions

I'll be in Brooklyn Saturday and I'll be hunting for bulk cippolini onions. The loose round ones that are shaped like shallots. Not the flat ones that come in mesh bags. Does anyone know where I might find them?

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  1. Call here and ask:

    3 Guys From Brooklyn
    6502 Fort Hamilton Parkway
    Brooklyn, NY 11219

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    1. re: Sluggo1407

      I went to 3 Guys. No Cipollini, but beautiful fresh produce!! Thanks
      I also found out it is illegal to import the bulk cipollini. They now sell them in glass jars called Lampagioni in oil. They are very good but way more expensive. I found them at Dairy Maid.

      1. re: Nunzio

        I like 3 Guys too. It's open 24/7, reasonable prices and they have fresh herbs which are not always easy to find.

        1. re: Nunzio

          Ive seen fresh cipollini around - most recently (last weekend) at eagle provisions at 4.95 a pound - but certainly not in bulk..
          cipollini are in the onion family and you should be able to find a larger quantity if you keep looking.Frank and Sal's or even Fairway are possible sources.
          Your informant was, I think, talking about lampascioni,a completely different plant, sometimes called "wild onion "bulbs but actually a muscari (grape hyacinth)

          good luck in your search!

          1. re: jen kalb

            The flat onions you see in the small mesh bags are being called cipolline now but the real cipolline that we used to get in bulk was the hyacinth bulb now being called lampascioni.
            I have four jars and will attempt to make my Grandmothers traditional holiday recipe Cipollini with Sausage in a lite Tomato Sauce.

            1. re: Nunzio

              thats great, glad you found what you were looking for. I dont recall ever seeing fresh lampascioni in NYC - you see lily bulbs in the asian markets, but the grape hyacinths, never, except from the dutch bulb sellers.

            2. re: jen kalb

              Jen Kalb is right on the mark. Frank & Sal's should have them. Give them a call. They are my go to place for all things Italian.

        2. A little late here, but Pappenroth Farms at the Union Sq greenmarket had a big bushel of both white and red cipollini for $2/lb yesterday. Not lampasciuni, of course.