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Mar 14, 2013 07:27 PM

Las Vegas buffets for vegetarian...worth the expense?

I’ll be Vegas for a few days with a car. It has been several years since I last visited and during that time I transitioned to a vegetarian diet. I’ve searched this board as well as tripadvisor, yelp, and miscellaneous blogs for recommendations and ideas for restaurants. Are buffets worth the expense? After all, it’s great if you’re a big eater (I am not) and an omnivore.

I read glowing reviews of Caesars (Bacchanal), Cosmopolitan (Wicked Spoon) and Wynn, but then I check out their prices and really have to question if I want to spend $38 - $46 (before tax and tip) for dinner. Weekday breakfast and lunches are a little more reasonable. Weekend brunches seem highly overpriced (for a vegetarian). Notwithstanding my patience for standing in line (45 minutes would be my limit), do those buffets in particular offer a superior dining experience for a vegetarian? Or do you leave having enjoyed a nice salad bar and some roasted vegetables?

Alternatively, what about some of the (slightly) less expensive buffets, which have, at times, received favorable reviews:

Planet Hollywood (Spice Market) $31
Rio (best days behind it?) $31
Mirage $28?
Paris $32

I don’t know if the prices are correct. Those were posted on lasvegasadvisor.com.

Any opinions from recent diners?

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  1. How much you are willing to spend is a personal decision. I'm not a vegetarian but if I were, for me it would not be worth it. The buffets on the Strip carry a hefty price. And I would guess that the meat and seafood items on the buffet reflect at least half the cost of the buffet. The Spice Market Buffet is a good value, especially with the $5 off coupon. But I'd still want to find other options if I were on a vegetarian diet.

    1. Head to Lotus of Siam..about a mile off strip near LV Hilton..considered best Thai in the US..divey but so good..order off menu vs buffet.

      1. I might do Caesars for breakfast or lunch for a vegetarian. I went to dinner with a vegetarian friend there and we were assured that there would be plenty of options for vegetarians. That definitely was not the case. The cost of dinner is so high that if you are not going to eat the crab and oysters, it really is not worth it. What was extremely frustrating for her was that there were virtually no vegetarian options among the pastas and Asian dishes.

        We were told that she should ask the pasta cooks to whip up something vegetarian, but they pretty much ignored her when she tried to ask.

        1. In my experience, even good roast vegetables are hard to find in buffets. If you are lucky, you can encounter good salad, edible pizzas, perhaps pasta primavera, and then perhaps some Italian or Mexican dishes that might not feature meat but may or may not contain some in the sauce.

          Sounds boring, doesn't it. I haven't been to Planet Hollywood in a while, but they used to emphasize Middle Eastern food, dating back to when it was the Aladdin, and it offered baba ganoush, hummus, taboulleh, etc. I'm guessing it still does.

          Often when I'm in Las Vegas, eating too many rich meals, I get a craving for a mixed green salad. I sometimes go to a cheap buffet, such as the Gold Coast's or Suncoast's and just get a decent, ordinary salad-bar salad and an iced tea and that's a pretty good deal @$10 or so.

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            Dave, the next time you're here and craving a salad, you must go to Hugo's Cellar.