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Mar 14, 2013 07:05 PM

Any Froyo Places that don't charge for the paper cup?

I'm talking about the serve-yourself frozen yogurt places............I'm so tired of paying $1.00 before I've even put any yogurt into my cup. I would think that not subtracting the weight of the paper would be illegal but I see a lot of places that charge 39c per ounce, I put about 4 ounces into the cup and it comes out to $3.00 for four or five spoonfuls of frozen yogurt.

Maybe I should have titled this post, where can I get a nice big cup of frozen yogurt for under 4 bucks?

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  1. Costco food court.

    Souplantation, it's free if you buy a soup and salad bar first.

    1. not soft serve,
      but almost all grocery stores will sell you a pint of frozen yogurt for less than $4.
      also, many of them are open much later than the soft serve places.

      1. Sonic blast with Butterfinger will do the trick. Under $4 and even comes with whipped cream.

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          But Sonic's are so hard to find in these parts.

          1. re: kevin

            Damn, I did not realize Sonic has not made it to the Westside yet. Damn shame yet not really. The food does suck but the desserts are great. And the cherry limeade. Stay away from the sausage biscuit dippers if they ever bring them

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              I remember a coconut cream pie milkshake that was beyond good. DQ comes close, but not close enough.

        2. The Perfect Blend in Santa Monica sells froyo from the freezer for half off, roughly less than $4 for much more than a large portion. The only caviat is that you have to take what they have available. If you get peach, fruit punch or mango, they're really delicious, as is the chocolate.

          I seem to recall Yogurtland on Sawtelle cheaper than $.39/oz as well.

          1. The pay-by-weight concepts are required by the Division of Measurement Standards to tare the weight of the cup. By law they are not allowed to charge for cup weight and would not have passed their tests to open if they are not in compliance. If something is off on their scale, they can be fined, but as a general rule, they do not charge for the weight of the cup.