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Mar 14, 2013 05:09 PM

Easter Brunch

Looking for ideas for a moderately-priced (e.g. not the Langham for $95/person) brunch anywhere between Sherman Oaks and Pasadena. Nothing exotic, just standard American brunch fare. Grandma will be coming, as will our 5-year old. Not big drinkers (or big eaters, for that matter) we don't need bottomless anything.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The Raymond maybe?

      Decent enough food and seems to meet your criteria. Sit outdoors, should be lovely.

      1. Cafe Bizou, on the south side of Ventura near Hazeltine, comes to mind. A bit further west (and possibly more child-friendly) is Cafe Marmalade.

        1. Particularly if the youngsters and elders like airplanes you MIT try the 94th aero squadron overlooking Van Nuys airport.

          1. Thanks for the replies. The Raymond looks good to me. We go to Bizou and Marmalade often enough, but have never been to The Raymond.

            We tried the 94th Aerosquadron once. My son most definitely enjoyed watching the planes. However, I found the food to be inedible (and I'm not that picky). I kept trying different things, thinking "how can they mess up eggs cooked to order?", or "well, a bagel is a safe bet, right?" No matter what I tried, it just wasn't edible. I wish they had decent food, as watching the planes really is nice!