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Mar 14, 2013 05:08 PM

Kraft Velveeta 'Liquid Gold Diggers' Commercials. . .

Liquid Gold Digger is:

'A friend or significant other who is only with you for the Velveeta. They’re always asking for Velveeta or trying to charm you into making them a delicious Velveeta recipe'

I love the Pot Luck dinner commercial where the tool is trying to hit on Bernice for her Mac n' Cheese.

Certain times of the month, I become one of these 'Gold Diggers'
;^ )

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  1. I personally love Velveeta which isn't very chowish but I don't care. It is such gooey goodness in mac & cheese or on chili cheese fries.

    1. I recently shared the Velveeta & Rotel dip recipe with a friend. She was incredulous as I described it to her. She didn't even know what Velveeta was, much less Rotel. She served it at her party (theme: white trash food), and was shocked at how good it was and how quickly it was gone.

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      1. re: jlhinwa

        I always add gr beef to this mix... or even gr turkey.

      2. Cute commercial but I think the kids the Kraft Mac & Cheese people have recruited to campaign "parents for eating THEIR macaroni" is a advertising space stealer.

        The kids starring in tv commercials of late just floor me!!

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        1. re: HillJ

          I particularly like the one where the little girl has used the box'o mac'n'cheese for an art project and the son and dad see it as they walk in the door... The Horror!!!!

        2. OMG..
          I busted gut on this commercial...Buffalo Wheat Thins

          1. Though I absolutely can not stand even the sight of a block of velveeta (not a snobby thing--I just frikkin' hate the taste), I love those commercials. Just too funny :D