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In need of good stew suggestions

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I'm having friends over for dinner on Sunday and I'm having menu planning block (Is that such at thing?). I want to bake some beer bread and do some kind of one pot stew but I can't settle on any particular thing. I don't think I want to go the Irish route so no corned beef/cabbage for me. Maybe some kind of chicken or lamb stew?

My only caveats is no shellfish (allergies) or olives (yucky)

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    1. How about a beef stew in Guinness with horseradish dumplings?

      I add some fresh thyme to the dumplings (which I make with my regular biscuit mix rather than the given recipe).

      This is basically how I do it: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyl...

      It's pretty good stuff.

      1. One of my favourite stews (though I usually use beef in place of lamb)


        1. A classic Irish Stew meets your parameters. It is, however, Irish in origin. More Irish in fact than corned beef and cabbage.

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            Yes, I was going to recommend Irish Stew as well. To the OP: yes, no corned beef or cabbage in Irish Stew.

          2. Carbonnade a flamande.

            1. szekely goulash.


              however i think the sour cream is best added by the spoonful right to the bowl, rather than trying to mix it in to the whole goulash.

              makes a better looking dish that way too: http://mygastronomy.blogspot.com/2007...

              1. The best beef stew I have ever had is from Epicurious "Mahogany Beef Stew", and the recommendation came from a thread here. I believe the name of the thread was "Your favorite recipe from Epicurious". Just fabulous.