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Mar 14, 2013 03:22 PM

Shamrock Shake

I need some help Chowhound peeps. Once a year I journey to McDonald's, and that once a year is usually around this time. My journey is reserved for the Shamrock Shake. However, I was sadly disappointed last year as they no longer made the shake from scratch, but rather had it dump from some slurpee type machine. This year...same machine appeared, same disgusting, gooey shake came with it. I'm done with you McDonald's.

So I ask you good people of Chowhound, does a mint shake exist in LA and where can I find it? I know I can make it myself, but I want to order one at a restaurant and have it brought to me. Please tell me this exists somewhere in LA!

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  1. I don't know for certain, but there was a place on Santa Monica Blvd in WeHo called Millions of Milkshakes. They may have mint shakes. You might also try Milk on Beverly Blvd. I have not been to either place, but maybe they would have what you are looking for.

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      I brought my son to Millions of Milkshakes and the quality was pretty poor. 31 Flavors is far superior, which isn't saying much. I would never go back.

    2. I'm almost embarrassed to respond. But here goes.

      Since you're talking McDonalds I know we're not asking top 'o the line here. But a long time ago [yes, decades and decades] I used to be enamored of the Mint Chip Shake at Baskin Robbins. The chips are tiny, in fact they're thin shards that taste like Thin Mints.

      If you don't mind a wee bit of chocolate, the Mint Chip Shake at Baskin Robbins is quite good.

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        Oddly enough, I used to like mint chip shakes at Baskin Robbins and, in a flash of nostalgia, decided to try one a few months ago.

        It was horrible. There was almost no discernible mint flavor and the chocolate shards (good description in calling them shards) were very waxy, but did not taste much like chocolate.

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          yea the problem with the bk one is that they use actual ice cream and don't put any mint syrup. it ends up tasting pretty strange

      2. Cafe 50s on Santa Monica, near Barrington, makes a couple dozen shakes including mint chocolate chip.

        You can tell them to leave out the chocolate chips if you only want a mint shake.

        1. I had it at McD's last year or whenever was the last time they were serving it. I took a couple sips and then trashed it.

          In my humble opinion: GARBAGE.

          1. If you can get past the gag reflex over their other stuff, Arby's has mint chocolate swirl shakes--assuming you're desperate.

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              Last year the L.A. Weekly had a run down of what they felt were the better shake joints in southern California. Connall's in Pasadena is listed with a picture of their mint shake. Of course, you can call any of the other likely/more conveniently located places at your leisure. I think we'd love to hear your luck finding and your review of said shake.