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Mar 14, 2013 02:19 PM

Last Minute Reservation Needed For Foodie's Birthday

My brother's birthday is this Saturday 3/16. He was going to be out of town, but plans have changed. I'd like to take him out for a great dinner. Having trouble reserving at his favorites (Park Tavern, Delfina, Range). Any help appreciated in locating a spot of similar quality that might have availability at this point.

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  1. Skimming OpenTable, places with food in more or less that vein:

    Comstock Saloon
    Fifth Floor
    Local Kitchen

    Haven't heard much about some of those places lately.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Fifth Floor was fun when I was there last year. I would definitely go again.

    2. Call Delfina directly at (415) 552-4055 and inquire about a walk-in table.
      I know it's a risk when there are no Open Table reservations available; we have snagged a walk-in table by chance.

      Try a different neighborhood; go Early Bird, or really late. Go to 'No Reservation' restaurants.
      How's your parking karma?
      Do a crawl and hit different places for different courses. Snag a seat at the bar. Reverse the order, eat dessert first. Do all appetizers/Happy Hours/small plates. Eat sandwiches; eat pie.
      Walk along Divisadero between Haight and Turk Streets for Ragazza; NOPA, Bar Crudo; Little Star Pizza, Nopalito on Broderick between Fell and Oak); Green Chile Pie & Ice Cream (on Baker at Fulton) or Bistro Central Parc at 560 Central btw Grove and Hayes.
      Have a 'brown bag picnic at a scenic point; order 'to go'. Open a great wine/beer. Be happy.

        1. re: moto

          Incanto was my longstanding recommendation for last-minute nice meals but it's not so easy to get in any more.

        2. Opentable is your friend. Right now, Zero Zero & RN74 have availability for 7/7:30, respectively.

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          1. re: ceekskat

            If French or Italian works:

            Cafe Claude
            Capo's (reservations by phone only)
            Rose Pistola
            South Park Cafe

          2. Thank you to all that replied. We're headed to Fifth Floor. Haven't been for years. Trusting my fellow hounds!