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Best "new" restaurant in Boston

Hello! My husband and I used to dine out 2-3 times a week... until we had kids. Now, we have a date night only once a week. We always tried new restaurants in the city before but these days, we have been going to mostly same restaurants we like (Deuxave, Market by Jean Georges, o ya, Ten Tables, Toro, B&G Oysters, Bistro du Midi, Coppa, etc). Can anybody suggest any new restaurant we should try? We like pretty much anything as long as it is GOOD :) Thank you!

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  1. Depends. How new is "new" for you?

    Bergamot, Bondir, Journeyman,Area Four, West Bridge all seem to be in your wheelhouse.

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      Agreed, from your list, it seems you may be missing out on the newer Cambridge/Somerville places.

    2. Add Puritan & Co. in Inman Square, Cambridge to that list. Casa B in Union Square Somerville is a terrific date spot. Ask for seat 12 at the Kitchen Bar where you can watch the action. Really cool.

      Puritan & Co.

      Casa B

        1. You might give Cinquecento a try, in the old Rocca space. Food is good and the free parking is a bonus.

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            Was there the other night and endorse it highly!

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              Had another great meal there last night. The food is quite good, however, the restaurant can be VERY noisy if crowded. This might not be great for a "date night" (though if Toro doesn't bother the OP, they should be fine here).

            2. Totally unlike anything mentioned, but Shoko is really fun.

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              1. Lots of good suggestions here; most of my newish (opened in the last couple of years) favorites mentioned. Bondir and West Bridge probably top that list. Cinquecento is less ambitious, but it's great-looking and a lot of fun. I'm a bigger fan of Puritan & Co. than most people I know who've been.

                Casa B is terrific, a little jewel box of a space in Union Square, Somerville, doing a Central and South American gloss on the tapas concept. I love Shojo, a really new kind of Chinatown place -- looks like a hip little nightclub, serves accessible but inventive pan-Asian cuisine, plus some clearly Italian-leaning pasta dishes, and does fine cocktails.

                A few I've been to lately and really liked: Sycamore in Newton Centre (think French-leaning New American with a strong cocktail and wine program), Steel & Rye in Milton (refined gastropub in a big, lively warehouse of a setting.)

                Bogie's Place in Downtown Crossing is a pocket-sized steakhouse tucked inside a jumping cool-kids' bar: a welcome change from the usual boring chain format: you'll need to make reservations well in advance. Its home, jm Curley, seems more casual than your usual rotation, but I love the food (gastro-pubby with a strong Southern accent, at least lately) and drinks and vibe there.

                Surprised nobody mentioned Island Creek Oyster Bar yet. Vies with Neptune Oyster as our best New England seafood place: adds a lot more elbow room, reservations, excellent service, and a terrific bar program. I like B&G, but I love that place.

                Can't vouch for these yet, but: Asta in Back Bay seems very promising, an inventive chef doing several prix fixes in the New American/French vein each night. Giulia between Harvard and Porter Squares looks like a good bet to me, Italian with an emphasis on handmade pastas.

                Anxious to try Tavern Road, which appears to be a glamorized gastropub crossed with an eclectic bistro, with a chef (Louis DiBiccari, ex-Sel de la Terre) and bar program manager (Ryan McGrale, ex-No. 9 Park) that I respect. Look at this menu: http://tavernroad.com/menu/dinner/ Very cool Fort Point warehouse bones in that space.

                Boston Chops, a South End steakhouse from the Deuxave/dbar team that aims to be a little different from the formula, is another I hope to try soon. It's a handsome room, like a cross between Union Bar & Grill next door and Eastern Standard.

                I'm not a giant Ming Tsai fan, but I want to give Blue Dragon in Fort Point a shot: he seems to be recasting the swank Asian-fusion approach of Blue Ginger into something more relaxed. The room feels like a cozy British Isles pub in Asian drag, with lots of small plates. It seems destined to suffer from what I call the Toro Problem: no reservations (unless you get ten people to commit to dinner two weeks in the future) and a built-in mob scene of adoring fans that bodes long waits even on weeknights.


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                  We really enjoyed our meals at Giulia. Very good pasta, great addition to the Cambridge dining scene.

                2. I would highly recommend Erbaluce. The menu changes frequently but is always interesting. There is a cozy, romantic small bar area in which it is great to have a drink first then head to the dining room. Service was outstanding.
                  It is a great spot for a special and romantic evening out.
                  I also like Catalyst in the Kendall Square area.

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                    A word of caution on Erbaluce. It has fans for sure, but it also was a popular pick on the bum steers thread. I for one find the food and the room equally boring.

                    There are a ton of great options mentioned above. Giulia, Shojo and Cinquecento are three places I haven't made it to yet, but are on the list to try soon. Sticking with the Italian theme, L'Impasto in North Cambridge is one of our new favorites.

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                      This is strangely true about Erbaluce, which just means you have to try it for yourself! Those of us who like it like it soooo much that you owe it to yourself to find out if you are one of us lucky folks.

                  2. A friend and I went to Casa B in Union Square last night and had a marvelous meal. Great cocktails, delicious tapas, and very attentive service. I highly recommend this delightful restaurant.

                    1. More votes for Puritan & Co, Giulia, Cinquecento and West Bridge. I will add another that gets mentioned a fair bit on the boards and that's Catalyst in Kendall...really enjoy their fish preparations here.

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                        If you go to Puritan, I suggest you avoid the grilled broccoli salad if it is still on the menu. It was a terrible dish - grilled broccoli which was served cold and was basically raw - was supposed to have some sort of anchovy dressing that may have been the brownish-grayish smear on the plate. Just bad conception and execution.