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Mar 14, 2013 01:05 PM

Gefilte Fish

Does anyone make their own gefilte fish, and have a good recipe? I know there are plenty online, but won't go for Wolfgang Puck's with the cabbage, and can't really imagine making Martha Stewart's recipe, and haven't even looked at it.
My mother always made it, as did my mother-in-law before she passed away, but my mother just had a pacemaker put in, so can't handle the big pot of water needed.

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    1. re: weinstein5

      This is like my recipe except I don't put the carrots or parsnips in the fish. One tip put your bones in cheesecloth so it is easier to take out. I put extra onions in in when making the stock then I take I tout and purée it with matzah meal eggs seasoning. I also use white pepper and put a lot both in the fish and the broth. Make a small ball and put it in the broth to cook for a few minutes to cook. Taste it and adjust your seasoning. One tip keep your hands wet with cold water when forming the balls. G/L

      1. re: weinstein5

        That sounds a lot like my mother's recipe too. As a follow-up, it turns out that what I am going to do this year is go to my mother's house and make the fish there, so will follow her directions, then should be able to do it myself. She told me that the fish store will filet and grind the fish, and grind onion to put in with it. I didn't notice if that was in the Epicurious recipe. I will leave it at her house to cook, and she will test the seasonings. I am having 26 people, although not all are gefilte fish eaters, we love to have left overs. I will let you know what happens.

      2. I like carrots and the orangy, yellow color it gets when i add more to the mix. i also crunch up some pieces of regular matza because i like the texture when there are pieces.