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Seattle Restaurants serving Sweetbreads.

I love Sweetbreads... the meat, not pastry kind... where in Seattle can I find them?

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  1. I had some excellent sweetbreads at Spur Gastropub in Belltown a few months ago. It looks like they've changed the dish up since then - but they know how to treat 'em so I'd bet they're still good.

    1. I always get whatever preparation Spur has on their menu.

      1. Hey, Ted:

        It's been awhile, but Queen City Grill did a grilled sweetbread salad that's always been my favorite.


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          I neglected to mention 13 Coins. Not my favorite, but "Sweetbreads 13 Coins" seems to stay on the menu--diced in cream sauce in spaghettini.

        2. Try Book Bindery. I recall Spinasse served it on New Year's Eve.

          A friend also had it recently at Rione XIII.

          1. Not Seattle per se, but I had some lovely sweetbreads at Cafe Juanita recently. Fried with lots of butter and capers.

            1. Veal sweetbreads are pretty reliably on the small plate menu at Nells' at Greenlake. One of the reasons Nell's is among my favorite restaurants in Seattle.

              1. Rione had them on the menu last week.

                1. I am also quite the sweetbreads fan, Ted, and with recommendation in several Seattle threads for Nell's, Mr. Frackle and I stopped in for dinner last night. He opted for the tasting menu--an excellent value--and particularly appreciated the risotto course and rack of lamb. I ordered the sweetbreads as a starter. They were pan fried, clean and sweet, and served with greens and a red wine jus. Lovely. I followed that with duck breast which was a bit more medium than I like, but that might be because the server was concerned about serving something rare to an obviously pregnant lady like me. :)

                  An excellent meal, overall.

                  1. Il Terazzo Camine has them two ways.