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Mar 14, 2013 12:18 PM

Salt, Fleetstreet Kitchen, or Woodberry Kitchen

Which is best meal, hands down. Interested in a meal that when we leave we will say OMG!!!!! Also gotta be able to get there by cab from Inner Harbor. Let me know what you all think! Thanks

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  1. Woodberry is quite far from the inner harbor, probably 25+ dollar cab ride each way. Also I've been less than impressed the last 3 times I've been there. Mediocre food, less than stellar service.

    I haven't been to Salt in a while, but I've always enjoyed it. Recently I have found Fork & Wrench to be among my favorite Baltimore spots.

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    1. re: hotel

      WK is in Hampden and directly off the Falls Rd exit from the JFX. So $15 at most cabride, also it is directly on the Light Rail.

      As to food, Salt is always good. Fleet Street Kitchen was good, not great when I ate there recently. Birroteca was tasty too the one time I've been there, though one pizza was right on and the other was limp. But it is hard to beat the comdination of cool surroundings and interesting food at WK. I agree that the service is not as good as it once was.

      1. re: lawhound

        Not to nitpick - but what do you find interesting about the food at WK? It's just simple farm to table, classic fare. I've never had a prep there where I said "Wow, I'd never have thought to serve this dish in such a way." Of course they source the finest local ingredients and you will pay a premium for that, but I've never found it interesting or inventive honestly. In the past I thought their execution was spot on and the results delicious, but they've been wildly inconsistent for some time now, and that's inexcusable at their level.

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          That's a fair question, maybe it's the fact that high-level execution with great local ingredients was (and remains today to some extent) rare in B'more that I found interesting. That, and excellent cocktails and wine list, plus the space.

    2. As important as Woodberry Kitchen has been to the area, right now I think Corner BYOB, Birroteca, and the Food Market are all putting out better plates of food on a regular basis, just in that neighborhood.

      Salt is still excellent. My experience a month ago was as good as I've had there.

      I haven't been to F&W or Fleetstreet Kitchen, but have heard good things about both.

      Pabu is also fantastic and doing something no one else in town is doing.

      This is an exciting time for food in Baltimore.

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      1. re: gregb

        You know, I was trying to think of what place I was forgetting - and it was Pabu. I've enjoyed everything I've had there. I'm willing to pay their somewhat absurd prices for what you are getting. I was in Japan back in October and all the yakitori offerings are generously priced. But again, Pabu is great and certainly worth the money. Easily the best sushi in the area as well.

        When Fork & Wrench opened their menu was an incredible value and I went several times. They've adjusted their price points and it's more in line with what you'd expect for that level of cuisine. Their wine list is a bargain, and their cocktails are reasonably priced as well.

        Woodberry is falling victim to their own success IMHO. Great cocktails in a fantastic setting, but their food is played out.

        1. re: hotel

          While not cheap, the Satori menu is about 22 or 23 different "tastes" for $45... it was a ton of food and extremely good.

      2. Salt is consistently good, Woodberry Kitchen is inconsistently good, but Fleet Street Kitchen tasted as if there was a corporation in the kitchen rather than a chef.

        1. We cabbed to the Food Market from the Inner Harbor this past weekend and it was delicious. We ordered too much food to have room for dessert and I really regret that after seeing the desserts at the tables around us.