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Mar 14, 2013 11:55 AM


Intended to give Bedford and Burns another shot last night, but it was totally empty and dont like eating in empty places. Doesn't have to be crowded, but some buzz. After talking to the bar tender, I fear it is not long for this world. Hope I am wrong. Anyway, we decided to head to Sotto (always a good call) but just before entering, chose instead to go upstairs to Picca. I had been there once before and liked it. We sat at the bar and had an absolutely wonderful meal. Also an interesting tequila and mescal concoction. I find the menu at Picca to be too extensive to make on the spot choices so (as with Bazaar) instead let the server pick after simply advising that we did not want anything in heavy cream or butter (which is not an issue there). In any event, everything was great (particularly the ceviche albacore, braised duck and a special scallop dish) and will for sure make this part of the rotation.

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  1. So does that mean you will go for the Paiche lottery?

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      the paiche at mo chica was great. i'm definitely pro-paiche.