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Best North Austin Sushi?

I'm visiting Austin with my 7 year old son, and looking for a sushi bar with the best rolls around. I love Uchiko, but I think it's a little formal for my very enthusiastic and not always quiet child. Any other suggestions for top notch sushi in North Austin? Eating at the bar is a must, and a boisterous atmosphere is a plus.

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    1. http://www.musashinosushi.com/

      i've only been for lunch a few times and it was pretty empty but the sushi was good

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        I'd say for dinner, this isn't a place that's loud or good for children. I agree with Tom that Tomo is more appropriate.

        1. Agree with Tomo. I see kids with their parents at the sushi bar all the time there. And it's definitely boisterous.

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          1. Out of curiosity, does anyone have an opinion regarding Roll On Sushi Diner? Undoubtedly my son would love it, but I'm kind of a stickler for high quality fish and properly made sushi rice.

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              I like the place, and it would probably be cool for a kid (they have some fun non-traditional rolls). For you, stick with whatever specialty rolls they have that day - freshest and best rolls. They aren't as high quality at Tomo, but quite good.
              As a side note, their dumplings are the best I've had.

            2. Mushashino fits the bill as lively and boisterous, great ambiance, amazing fish. An earlier post referenced lunch but I've only been at night.

              Roll On is good for what it is...the food is good quality but the atmosphere is somewhat like a Chipotle. Depending on the child, they might really enjoy the opportunity to create their own roll...many options are available.

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                I disagree. I think Mushashino is more of a "date night" place.

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                  ? if you read the post, he asked for a boisterous and fun restaurant that's not formal like Uchiko...Musashino is not only nearby to Uchiko, not only does it have the best traditional sushi in town from my experience, but it has a wonderful ambiance, for dates or for families. I see both there all the time. As an added bonus there is good separation between the sushi bar and the dining tables.

              2. I've had good luck at Mikado in the past. but it has been a while.

                1. Four thumbs up from my 9 year old twins, who chose Mushashino for their recent birthday. Read a bit about Tyson Cole's (Uchi and Uchiko) history there to confirm if you have any reservations. Have fun. Absolutely love having a kids that love sushi as much as me!