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Mar 14, 2013 11:34 AM

The right baking pan for the dish?

I'm hosting a brunch nine days from now. My menu includes:

- A grits casserole with sausage, cheese, and eggs. I think it'll be a little custardy or souffle-like because of the eggs.

- A coffee cake.

Both dishes can be made in advance, refrigerated overnight, and then baked in the morning (at the same temperature - yay!). They both will make about 3.5 qts. of food and both need a baking dish of the same capacity.

I have:

- A 9 x 13 unglazed stoneware baking dish (Pampered Chef) that has the right capacity for either dish.

- A large, heavy oval copper gratin lined with stainless steel. The capacity would easily fit the grits casserole and look very pretty.

I'm concerned about putting the grits casserole in the heavy copper pan because of the eggs. I'm worried that it might overcook badly around the edges. I've never made a grits casserole before. I could put it in the stoneware and then purchase another pan for the cake.

Are my concerns unfounded? Do I need another pan? If I buy a second 9x13, what is the best material for baking cakes - metal, ceramic, or glass?

Thanks in advance.

- Allison

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  1. Hi Amoule

    I'd be concerned about using the 9X13 for the coffee cake re. rising and overflow. If you're trending toward 3.5 qt, it might be a bit over capacity.

    I'm sorry for the very unscientific response! :-)

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    1. re: pinehurst

      I was unclear in my haste -- I just meant that both recipes require a pan of the same capacity. The coffee cake recipe calls for a 9 x 13 and then will rise to fill it. The grits casserole is going to produce 3.5 qts. of uncooked stuff, but it won't rise much.

    2. Okay - I checked a few recipes I have for eggs-&-grits casseroles ("have", but haven't make yet - lol!), & they all call for different sizes of "baking pans". None specify material.

      If I were you, I'd make the coffee cake in the 9 x 13 stoneware baking dish (baked cakes are more fussy than egg casseroles), & do your grits casserole in the delightful-sounding copper job. Just keep an eye on the casserole, but I really don't think it will overcook or overcook that badly because of the metal.

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      1. re: Bacardi1

        Thanks for checking your recipes and for the input. The oval gratin is much prettier than any 9x13.

        Has anyone else made a grits casserole with egg?