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Mar 14, 2013 08:53 AM

Restaurants serving shad roe in Brooklyn?

Title says it all, really. We'd like to try it before we try to cook it ourselves. Any bright ideas? Thanks!

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  1. I've never had this outside Connecticut...I'd love to know some places here in Brooklyn!

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    1. re: didactic katydid

      I've never had it outside CT either. It's the roe from Connecticut River Shad, available in springtime.

    2. it's not in season now, will be in another couple months.

      looks like there are a couple place in the city that have at least served it before:

      i've never had it outside of south jersey. let me know if you find it!

      1. I don't know about restaurants, but shad and shad roe have been turning up in the markets since the beginning of the month. Its late this year...usually the first show up in mid Feb, from Florida. The season usually lasts through May, as the catch shifts further northward. None from the Hudson, though....there has been a shad moratorium there for several years.

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          I hadn't realized that about the Hudson shad. Thought it was a healthy population (but, as I look it up I see that it is not).

          Shad roe at Fish Tales, Brooklyn today ($14/pair sort of shocked me but it's been a while...I've lost track).

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            oops, i was totally wrong about the season. was thinking it started in may, but that's when it ends. good luck!

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              They're at both of the fish markets on 7th in Park Slope (I can't remember either of their names) - $10 / pair at the cheap one, which means it's probably like $15 at the expensive one.

              Thanks for the info about the Hudson moratorium! Sounds like you're saying that later in the season it'll be slightly more local?

              1. re: AlCracka

                re: your initial post---expect subtlety. It won't hit you over the head with awesomeness. I like roe sacs in general a lot but you need to approach it more from a tofu direction of deliciousness than from the direction of a high-sensory textural and flavor experience.

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                  The season ends with the New England rivers. In years past, big nets were strung across the Hudson at around the Tappan Zee bridge. This was around late April/early May. But the moratorium has been going on now for several years.

              2. Only place I can recall seeing shad roe on a menu was at a brunch at the River Cafe. Won't be much help now as I don't think they have reopened. Usually buy it in CT. Lightly floured, saute in combination of butter and olive oil and served with crisp bacon on a bed of dressed greens is the way I usually prepare it. Bought some last week from FreshDirect at about $12 a lobe. They also had de-boned shad. I don't think shad roe is much of a Brooklyn thing. If you want to try it, buy it soon and make it yourself. Take care not to overcook it otherwise it becomes very dry. The season is very brief and will end soon.

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                1. re: Bkeats

                  The season isn't that brief. In most years, its Feb through May. The problem is that most stores get their roe from a single source. My neighborhood fish market basically sells shad roe only Feb-mid March. This year was late, starting in March. then its over. From their supplier. Other places, though, will carry it at different parts of the season, and some well connected places will have it the entire season.

                  1. re: EricMM

                    Shad season in February in the northeast? Where do you fish? Shad don't generally appear in the area until April. Maybe further south you get them in Feb, but the local runs are generally April into early june. February, there's still ice on streams. Season doesn't even open until April 1. The store I go to in CT gets their shad and roe from local fishermen so I don't know what single source you are referring to. There are fewer fishermen going out for shad these days. But I don't think it's down to a single source. And I think 2 months is pretty brief. Can't get them out of season unlike most things these days.

                    1. re: Bkeats

                      I'm not talking about going fishing! Couldn't do it anyway, with the shad moratorium in the Hudson. I'm talking about buying from a fish market. Of course, the season will be brief in any given area. But fish markets get their stuff from all over. So, yes, the season begins, most years, in February, with shad from the St. Johns river in Florida. By the time it ends, in late May, even June, the fish are coming from Maine. The average person on this board buys his/her fish from a market, and that's the season I was talking about. If your lucky enough to catch them yourself, congratulations! You are lucky. Best I could do was a hickory shad my son caught in LI Sound in May one year. (Tasted much better, and less bony, than American roe, though....)

                2. Not in Brooklyn, but today's menu at the Grand Central Oyster Bar included shad roe, shad fillets, and a combo of the two.

                  Dave Cook

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                    Nice Dave, thanks! Finally an actual lead!