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Mar 14, 2013 08:21 AM

Best Miami Tasting Menu Option

Hi there. Headed to Miami in a month's time and am eager to have a splurge dinner that incorporates a tasting menu...have been trying to get into NAOE to no avail. Have eaten at a number of Jose Andres places (including minibar) so would prefer to avoid The Bazaar. Am definitely going to try Yardbird and maybe Pubbelly but want a tasting menu place in there too. All prices/food types are OK. Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Should also mention I've been to MGFD and Michy's in the past...

    1. If you can't get into Naoe, omakase at the sushi bar at Makoto is a good substitute.

      Miami is not big on the tasting menu format. Michy's will do it. Tuyo does one that is sort of a "Norman Van Aken's Greatest Hits." If you ask her, Micah Edelstein at Nemesis will put out plates for the table to share until you cry uncle. Macchialina (another Pubbelly place, this one Italian) offers a 5 course chef's tasting menu for the table to share. Scarpetta does a 4-course "tasting" menu. Area 31 offers a 5-course. The Restaurant at the Setai doesn't seem to have it up on its website right now but usually offers a full-blown tasting menu.

      If your timing is right, you may hit on special event dinners at DB Bistro, Gotham Steak or a few other places that do them semi-regularly.

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        Like Frod said, Miami is not big on tasting menus so keep your expectations tempered if you're pinning your "splurge dinner" on that format. That said, there are plenty of places to splurge without tasting menus. There are also places that, while they don't offer tasting menus, their concept is such that plates are small and shareable and you can create your own experience (Pubbelly is such a place and I'd go there over Yardbird). Another option is to give Naoe a call and get on a wait list. It's definitely worth the trouble.

      2. we did the tasting menu at the Pubbelly Italian restaurant--Macchialina and could barely finish it. Every dish was good, some were great and it was very generous.