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Mar 14, 2013 08:20 AM

Buying ghost peppers (fresh, dried, sauce made with, anything) in DC?

Hey there,
Does anyone know where I can get ghost peppers in dc? I found some dried ones once at harris teeter, but I've never seen them again. Some already made into a hot sauce would be ideal...

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  1. Not DC -- and not now -- but soon and locally.

    Last year, the Friday Fairfax County Farmer's market included a vendor that sold a wide variety of chile peppers including two ghost pepper plants. I never asked if a buyer would be required to buy the whole plant or whether the seller would snip off a single pepper.

    Now for the specifics:
    ... The market will be open May 4 through November 16. (8:00 a.m. until noon)
    ... The market is located at 1659 Chain Bridge Road, on the grounds of Lewinsville Park.
    .. The vendor list for 2013 has not yet been published. However, I do know this vendor has been participating for the last several years, so I assume 2013 will be no different.
    ... As you enter the black-top area where the vendors set up their stalls, the place selling the ghost peppers is located in the far left-hand corner of the lot.
    ... The 23A bus route goes along Chain Bridge Road so the farmer's market can be reached by public transportation, linking up with the Metro at the Crystal City and Ballston stops.

    As for ghost peppers already made into hot sauce, I recommend you check out the Wall of Flame page within the California Tortilla web site. This chain fast food place sells hot sauce, including Dave's Insantity, supposedly the hottest hot sauce made. (Other brands available earn the same 10+ rating.) However, the description of the two ultra-hot sauces I looked are only subjective marketing descriptions with no indication of the specific pepper involved.

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    1. re: Indy 67

      wow, this is so helpful! Thanks!
      I want some for this weekend so I'll check out the California Tortilla website, but I'll definitely give that farmer's market a look.
      Thanks so much for the information!

      1. re: Indy 67

        Here is a list of hot sauces and peppers ranked by Scoville Units:

        While I find Dave's Insanity stupefyingly hot and horrible tasting it is pretty far down on the list.

        For the record the "Ghost Chile" (Bhut Jolokia) is no longer the king of the hill in terms of heat. Currently the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion occupies the top spot.

      2. uh, well, just drive up to Monticello ;:-/
        maybe in the various gift stores up there they'd have 'em for sale.

        1. The original comment has been removed