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Mar 14, 2013 06:59 AM

St. Patrick's Day dinner or meal

Are you making a meal for St. Patty's Day?

corned beef
boiled potatoes and carrots
butter&garlic poached cabbage
Irish Soda bread with KerryGold butter. < That's ours.

Wonder if anyone makes this meal and likes it/loves it/does it just because it tradition or some other reason. We love this meal but it could be because my husband is 100% Irish.

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  1. I don't typically prepare a St. Patty's Day meal per se on the 17th. But, with corned beef on sale this month, and it being a favorite, I will cook a big pot at least twice. Our preference is long (a few hours) slow simmered corned beef with potatoes, cabbage and sometimes carrots added for the last hour. I also add sauerkraut and caraway seeds. The leftovers for sandwiches on rye with Swiss cheese are the best part. You'd think cooking for two would make for a smaller pot...but no, we can polish off the whole thing in 3 days! Off topic, but a St. Patrick's Day tradition in our family when the kids were little always included an overnight visit from mischievous leprechauns. They would leave evidence such as open drawers, scattered toys, pillows, etc. The gleeful discovery of green "pee" in the toilet was a highlight! Our Grandkids are now enjoying the same silliness.

    *Erin go bragh*

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    1. re: ItalianNana

      I LOVE your post. love your silliness and the playful way you pull off this crazy holiday.

      Hey everyone (who really wants a sweet reminder of this special green holiday) do a search on your TV for a movie playing now called ''Chasing Leprechauns''. mine is taping now-----love this movie-so cute and all about the little Irish peeps.

      1. re: iL Divo

        il Divo

        I always enjoy your posts, silly and serious. I have an image of you in my head, as a 7 year old girl, making catsup-horseradish-mustard cocktail sauce...from a meatloaf thread. I sent along the Leprechaun movie title to son and daughter for the rug rats. :-D Happy St. Pats!

        1. re: ItalianNana

          Happy St. Pats DayItalianNana~
          how kind of you.
          thank you. that concoction has been used all my life and has always been a favorite as a dipping sauce on any # of food items BUT only when the measurements are perfect-lotsa tasting in the making.
          I am silly by nature, light hearted and adore people. sometimes it shows sometimes not. I do have a serious side also ponder things for years.
          cooking is my passion and I'm passionate about it.
          that movie is really cute and as often as I'm fortunate to be in Ireland, my husband and I love it and for him>he's a perfect fit.
          hope the kids enjoy the movie as they dine on certainly one of my favorite meals of all time.
          tomorrow maybe even I may drink something green.

      2. re: ItalianNana

        my sister's family has the same leprechaun tradition - I love to hear from her kids what happened in the night! :)

        I'm thinking of making this corned beef and cabbage soup:

      3. I make the exact same meal as the OP every St. Patrick's day. I also make sure to have a good selection of Guinness, Harp, Smithwick's, Jameson and Middleton on hand.

        1. SO's mother makes exactly what you describe. We'll be up there for a hockey tournament so I'll be surprised if she doesn't make it.

          1. We'll have some commercial Spanokopita triangles as a preamble, then I'll be making a fabulous corned beef, braised in my slow-cooker in Guinness Stout (made it for the 1st time last year, & it's easily the best corned beef I've ever made or had in my life!!!), along with butter-sauteed cabbage, tarragon-scented baby carrots, & roasted multi-colored baby potatoes. Horseradish & good whole-grain mustard to accompany the corned beef, of course. Unfortunately, since hubby doesn't eat corned beef, he'll be having turkey kielbasa instead, along with the same sides. But that's okay, more leftover corned beef means more Reuben Sandwiches for me!!!! :)

            I'll be making a lovely green minty chocolatey "Grasshopper Pie" for dessert.

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                1. re: iowagirl

                  But on St Paddys Day, it should be more than "at least". I demand over the top Irish! It's only once a year.

                2. re: Frosty Melon

                  Hey - so they're not Irish. Neither are we. I'm Czech (Bohemian); hubby is Ukrainian.

                  We like Spanokopita (& my 100% Bohemian grandmother made the very best ever!!), & it's our go-to appy/snack. These will be courtesy of Costco - & they're excellent.

                  And I AM doing the whole corned beef thing. . . .

                3. re: Bacardi1

                  love your idea of using Guinness in the making of your corned beef. question for you-could I use a substitute for the beer as I'm highly allergic to beer? what about a very robust ginger ale or fancied up root beer? does that sound dumb? also > like you stated "of course"
                  the horseradish sour cream honey sauce I make is a must for the man, I forgot to mention that and sandwiches with leftover if there is any-simply THE BEST :) yummm

                  1. re: iL Divo

                    Ugh - nothing sweet, please! If you can't use beer, I'd just go with plain water.

                    1. re: Bacardi1

                      oh ok, dang. that idea sounded so good but my life is good also :) wanna keep it for a while

                    2. re: iL Divo

                      My plans to use as liquid for the corned beef are:

                      1 cup white wine
                      2 T malt vinegar
                      1 cup water or water just to cover corned beef

                      1. re: Wtg2Retire

                        Wtg, well the impulse to add sauerkraut sounds more logical now that I know you add vinegar. :-)

                        (retirement rocks!)

                    3. re: Bacardi1

                      Would love to know how you do your corned beef in Guiness. I also use the slow cooker, for corned beef dinner, could use some new ideas.

                      1. re: catface1

                        Very best corned beef I've ever enjoyed in my life!

                        Chop one large peeled onion & place in bottom of slow cooker. (The original recipe for this also had you add a bag of baby-cut carrots, but I think I'll be nixing that this year, since the carrots came out too mushy for eating, although I may add a couple of carrot chunks just to sweeten the cooking broth.) Place your corned beef (any cut) on top of the onions, fat side up. Add 1 cup of water, one bottle of dark beer (I used a bottle of Guinness, of course!), & 2 bay leaves. Cook on "low" for 6 hours. Enjoy - & I'm sure you will.

                        I was originally concerned that the meat would pick up too much of the natural bitterness of the Guinness, but it didn't. Instead I had the moistest, juiciest, most flavorful & succulent corned beef I'd ever tasted. And it wasn't like the meat cut was top of the line - it was just the store brand.

                      2. re: Bacardi1

                        Thanks for the recipe, I have everything but the Guinness guess I will pick some up tomorrow, its sold in 4 packs here so I will pour some for the slow cooker and lots for me. CHEERS.

                        1. My mom was big on corned beef and cabbage, but hers was so disgusting I lost my eternal desire. Just the smell brings back old nightmares. Although I've made it myself (always with beer, low and slow) and it is luscious, however old habits die hard.

                          Every year, I make a big shepherds pie, to be served with soda bread. Also on the day before and/or after, I buy some sliced deli corned beef, or even pastrami since they often sell out, plus some sauerkraut, rye bread and Irish swiss cheese. A little deli mustard and some cole slaw on the side, I'm happy and feeling the green.

                          I will check early next week for corned beef brisket that didn't sell, you can usually luck out at 99 cents a lb. Every day is St Paddys Day around here, no problem!