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Mar 14, 2013 02:13 AM

Would the heat rings on older cast iron pieces pose a disadvantage to me?

My understanding is that heat rings were used back when stoves were flat and they were meant to elevate the pan from the heat source. I would love to get an earlier piece due to the quality of the cast iron, specifically a pre-logo Griswold, but they all have heat rings. I have a gas stove but all of the grates are pretty much connected to each other if that helps.

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  1. I don't see how, the point of cast iron is for a thick and even heat source, undersurface rings or not. perhaps I don't understand. I DO get the idea of old-school farm stoves versus ranges/cookers having a bearing, but I'd still think it slight.

    1. My Griswold has a heat ring, I have a gas stove - no problems. It would only be a matter of a millimetre or so's difference above the flame - I don't think it's enough to affect anything.

      I think if I had an induction stove or one of those completely flat cooktops it would be an issue... and then I'd be pretty sad :(

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        Good to know. I was cautious because a few have complained about heat rings on their gas stoves. Must have been the size of their burner grates as I can see them not balancing properly with the heat ring. Luckily, I have large grates.

        1. re: iamreptar

          Best of luck in your hunt for a pre-logo Griswold. I love mine, it's an absolute joy to cook with!

      2. It's a non issue. I have a heat ring Griswold and I've used it on gas, coil electric and a flat top electric without issue.

        1. Hi, iamreptar:

          IMO, it's a non-issue. Some flat-top glass stove makers claim you shouldn't, but lots of people do. No problem on gas.


          1. The heat ring was there so the pan could fit into older wood and coal-burning stoves....round covers could be prised out of the stove top and the skillet would sit in the opening. For gas and induction, should be no problem at all. There might be some issue with electrics, since bottom of the pan would be raised off the heating element.