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Mar 14, 2013 01:08 AM

San Antonio eating itinerary - comments, please

After lurking, posting and researching, here's my thoughts on what I'm hoping will be good eating in San Antonio next month. I'm somewhat limited on my choices for lunch by the geography of where we'll be sightseeing, as my husband can't walk any distance, so we need to eat close to where we are, and I don't want to spend time driving around. Dinner, on the other hand, we can walk, drive, taxi, boat or whatever; we are staying on the Riverwalk at the Mokara. My goal is to experience a variety of what is good in San Antonio that we don't do well in San Francisco.
Day 1 - Dinner plans are open, but I'm leaning toward BBQ at the Granary if we feel up to eating outside the hotel.
Day 2 - Lunch plans are open, as we may take it easy this day after traveling the day prior.
Dinner - Bohanan's for steak/chicken-fried steak, selected because we need to be as close to the Majestic Theater as possible for a play that night.
Day 3 - Lunch - Mi Tierra at the Mercado, as this will probably be our major sightseeing stop on the Hop-on/off bus today.
Dinner - NAO at the Pearl Brewery for something innovative
Day 4 - Lunch - Boiler House at the Pearl Brewery, as the Farmer's Market there will probably be our major sightseeing for the day. Not doing La Gloria because we're doing Mexican tonight.
Dinner - Acenar for innovative Mexican.
Day 5 - we leave San Antonio, driving via Lockhart for lunch at Smitty's for BBQ (it's a Sunday, and it's open). Drive to Hyatt Lost Pines.
Dinner - asked on a separate thread, but looking for suggestions for the next 3 nights.
Day 6 - no plans... we may just veg out at the resort
Day 7 - no plans... if we want to leave the resort, we may hit Bastrop
Day 8 - drive back to San Antonio Airport via Luling, with lunch at City Market for BBQ
I'm a little bugged that we're eating at Pearl Brewery three times, but previous threads suggested the Granary is some of the best BBQ in San Antonio proper and NAO is one of the better innovative restaurants in the city. Any substitutions for those selections? I saw one post about Laurent's, but only one... any other comments on it?
And, thanks in advance!

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  1. Nao is one of my favorites right now. A work colleague recently had dinner at Boilerhouse and went out of her way to tell me how bad it was, mostly service related. Consider Il Sogno or Sandbar at the Pearl.

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    1. re: saeyedoc

      If I switch out NAO for Feast for dinner on Day 3, I can add it on Day 4 for lunch -- perfect! Thanks!

    2. I would do something in King William/Southtown like: Feast, Bliss, Azuca, La Frite, Monterey

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        Bronwen, I like the idea of King William/Southtown instead of yet another visit to Pearl Brewery. Thanks!

      2. Any idea how long it will take for a party of 2 to be seated at Feast on a Friday night, around 6:30 pm?
        Do we need reservations at NAO for lunch on Saturday?

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          I'd call Nao, doesn't look like they are taking opentable reservations for Saturday lunch on there.

        2. I highly recommend La Gloria over Acenar. I would skip BBQ in SA since you are going to get some high quality BBQ in Lockhart and Luling...City Market is my favorite. Restaurant Gwendolyn was one of the best dining experiences we have had in SA in a long time. The food is tasty and the service is impeccable. I would go to La Frite for lunch over the Boiler House.

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            Poochinator, thanks for the recommendation of La Gloria. Unfortunately, we will have had lunch that day at Pearl (and maybe BBQ there earlier in the week), so I hate to keep going back to the same area. I have noted that, though, so it will be on the list as an alternate.
            Also, I have the Granary on our list as I'd like to do a "sit-down" BBQ restaurant, rather than just the market experience, especially at dinner. It may not be the best BBQ, but I'll bet it's better than what we get in San Francisco!
            I've added Gwendolyn as the alternate for Feast... in case the wait is too long, we'll head back to the Riverwalk. (I'd call ahead to book, as I'd guess you can't just walk in on a Friday night?)
            And I've added La Frite as the alternative for Saturday lunch, in case NAO is closed/full.

            1. re: waldrons

              Another new place at the Pearl is Arcade Midtown Kitchen. A colleague went there last week and was raving about it. Will be going there this evening with the fam.