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Mar 13, 2013 10:57 PM

Recommendations for Mexican/South American near Manchester Hyatt

Dear SD chowhounds,

I would love some recommendations on where I can take a group of 15 for some good Mexican, Central or South American food. We're in town for a meeting in mid-March, based at the Manchester Hyatt on Market Place, and we would like a place that will allow us good food and quiet enough for us to have good conversations. Also, there are members for whom walking is difficult, and we would have to take taxis there and back, so transportation has to be convenient, though I think people would prefer if we didn't go too far (five miles radius?), since this would be at the end of a really long day. I would appreciate any recommendations you can give. I've looked at the other discussions, but most of the places are quite far away for us.


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  1. El Salvadoreno is located at 2800 Imperial Avenue and would be a solid choice. It does not look very fancy on the outside, but the inside is lovely and the service is extremely competent and prompt. They will understand your group dynamic.

    El Salvadoreno serves delicious, authentic El Salvadoran food. One of my co-workers is of El Salvadoran descent and he gives it his blessing.

    Keep in mind, this is a casual, family restaurant, but the cab ride from the Hyatt Manchester would be short and direct.


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        Thanks, the photos look great! I think I'll probably make a reservation, and hope for the best!

      2. I have to agree, El Salvadoreno is quite good. Definitely not fancy, but it is comfortable.

        Not much else in the way of decent Mexican/LatAm/South American. I'd love for a good Peruvian place down here.

        1. What age range is your group and how comfortable are they going into an area that is basically safe but not very pretty to look at and that might give the impression of being little dodgy?

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            Well, we're all ages from 30s to whoa, male and female, and live in places ranging from NYC to boondocky. I think as long as we can get cabs from the restaurant, or call cabs to pick up us, we would be quite comfortable. Thanks for letting me know about this-- safety is definitely a consideration!

          2. Rei Do Gado on 4th in the Gaslamp is a Brazilian Steakhouse and very popular with their kabobs of meat.
            You could all walk there.