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Mar 13, 2013 10:56 PM

Woodley Park-Zoo

Hi all,
I'll be in DC for 4 nights at the beginning of April and I'm looking for nice restaurants for lunch and dinner. A lot of our meetings will only give as 1-2hrs for meals so spots within easy distance of the Woodley Park-Zoo metro stop would be helpful.

But nicer restaurants worth at trek across town are welcome too, as we may have 1-2 nights to check them out.

I generally enjoy a good gastropub, or creative French or American usually keeps me entertained. Asian or Mediterranean options are welcome as well. I know there are a few Ethiopian places a short cab ride away but have trouble deciding which ones are good.

In any case suggestions are welcome, and thanks in advance for the help!

PS- Coming from CA where foie gras is banned, so wouldn't mind finding a place that serves it, especially if it's done properly.

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  1. South of the zoo there are a number of places (clustered around the intersection of Connecticut and Calvert but I haven't tried any of them.

    Go one metro stop north to Cleveland Park and you will have more good choices than you will need. Start with Ardeo/Bardeo, which always has great, creative food and excellent service. Palena is not-to-be-missed. Everyone raves about Dino. These are the three higher-end choices up there, but for faster/less expensive, there is a very good pan-Asian called Spices,a Vietnamese place called Nam-Viet, and many others all within a couple of long blocks.

    I don't think it is a short cab ride to Little Ethiopia from your part of town if you have only an hour for a meal. Assuming traffic and traffic light miracles, it would be at least 15 minutes each way. Even with two hours, you might be rushing. In any case, it seems lately like the consensus on best Ethiopian is Ethiopic, which is down near UnionStation.

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      Emphatically agree about Ardeo/Bardeo. Nam-Viet used to be okay, but quality seriously declined. Spices is mediocre at best.

    2. About a 15 minute walk (or a shorter cab ride) will take you to either Adams Morgan or Cleveland Park and lots of options.

      In Adams Morgan go to the wonderful Mintwood Cafe. Cashion's Eat Place is also very good.

      In Cleveland Park you can try Ardeo, Ripple, Spices, Dino, or Palena (the cafe or the more formal dining room).

      In Woodley Park proper Open City is good for a quick diner-style bite to eat. Also Mama Ayesha's is a good middle eastern restaurant.

      For Ethiopian a shorter cab ride would be to U Street and Etete which is great! I also went to Ethiopic recently and was very impressed---but it's a longer cab ride since it's H Street, NE.

      1. I haven't made it there yet, but I hear Bryan Voltaggio's new restaurant, Range, has a good foie gras. It's about 3 metro stops north, so it's not difficult to get to but it falls into "across town" category. Reservations may be scarce, but I think they have some walk in tables.

        1. The restaurants at that metro stop are terrible. Go north one metro stop and there is Lavandou, a very nice southern French restaurant with good service and some of the most reliable, if not spectacular food. On the same black is Dino, a decent, over rated restaurant that serves satisfying meals with a large wine list.

          A short cab ride is Bistro Lepic in upper Georgetown. It is a genuinely European restaurant that serve rogons. It tends to bewilder the hipster crowd in DC, but is full of Europeans nightly, and they have a large list of half bottles, so paring per course is easy. Sometimes they have foie gras.

          Adams Morgan had some interesting quality years ago, but is a tired neighborhood these days. Another short cab ride is to MacArthur Blvd for either Black Salt (seafood) or Makota, (sushi) Because of trendyness, Obama ate at Black Salt, so it may not be good anymore; I haven't eaten there since.

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            Have you been to Adams Morgan lately? Because if not than you are missing out on one of the best new restaurants in DC--Mintwood. It is anything but tired. Also Perry's has a new chef and is putting out good stuff and Cashion's is as good as always. 18th Street might be crazy on the weekend but one street over some of the best cooking in DC is taking place. Much closer than the far away Black Salt (which is great but a pain to get to).

            1. re: Elyssa

              "Also Perry's has a new chef and is putting out good stuff and Cashion's is as good as always"

              In what way? Can you be specific?

              1. re: law_doc89

                I personally haven't been to Perry's with the new chef but my friends (who are trusted foodies) have made this there go to spot in the neighborhood. They said the menu is fresh and seasonal with lots of nice options.

                The last time I was at Cashion's I had a really nice rabbit dish which was perfectly cooked with a delicate sauce. They also continue to have a great brunch (although Mintwood is giving them a run for their money on that front). Cashion's is the perfect neighborhood restaurant. Good service, good wine list and reliable delicious cooking in a comfortable environment.

                Is that specific enough?

                1. re: Elyssa

                  Hm! Not really, how was it cooked? What was the sauce and how was it flavored?

                  1. re: law_doc89

                    I wasn't in the kitchen cooking it so I couldn't really give you the details and it was a few months ago. Guess you are just going to have to take my (and others) word for it.

                  2. re: Elyssa

                    Thanks, Elyssa, That's actually super helpful. I'll try to hit up Cashion's when I'm there, provided there's time to sneak it in.

                    PS- I LOVE a good bunny, especially when it's cooked with a nice sauce. Hope they still have it when I'm there.

                    1. re: BekahR

                      They change their menu fairly often so you might want to call and see. This was months ago that they offered that particular dish so it might not be on there at the moment.

            2. Though I haven't tried it yet, I've heard Taan, the new ramen place in Adams Morgan, is very good. That would be a 10 minute walk across the Calvert Road bridge.

              The new Pho 14 on Columbia Road (note there are several locations), also in Adams Morgan, is very good and casual.

              Doener Bisto, also on Columbia Road, could be good for a quick meal as well.

              For Ethiopian, I recommend Zenebech Injera. It would be a 15-20 minute taxi ride. Hole in the wall atmosphere.