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Mar 13, 2013 10:40 PM

Sushi Palace Yonkers, Central Ave.

Drove by last week....anyone been? I've read on yelp 18.95 for all you can eat sushi. Yelp reviews are a bit questionable. Of course, so is ayce sushi.

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  1. Any all you can eat sushi place has to be garbage.

    Spring for a quality sushi meal at Azuma near the Hartsdale Station. If you like Americanized crazy rolls, Sushi Mikes in Dobbs Ferry. Wild Ginger in Bronxville and some Haikus have been pretty good too.

    Serving cheap garbage is why the place next to FedEx-Kinkos went broke in no time.

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    1. re: Barrels41

      Actually I have had excellent AYCE sushi at several places here in the states, and many in Japan. So don't make assumptions until you have actually been to the place and eaten their food.

      1. re: JMF

        Where did you have excellent AYCE sushi?

        1. re: pabboy

          There are a few places in the city, that are still decent. Todai was good when they first opened. I had VERY good sushi in other cities, too. Atlanta, Philly, Sydney.

          1. re: pabboy

            Well, it's not worth talking about places I haven't been in years. But, Edo's in Port Chester has a very good AYCE sushi and small plates of hot food. I posted it here.

      2. how do they do that? Is it buffet?

        1. I know, I know....but a girl can dream, can't she? Todai was Good in the beginning...

          1. We have never eaten there but have tried the AYCE at Khangri on Warburton in Yonkers where they make everything to order and it cost a couple of dollars more like $20 on weekdays maybe $23 on weekends? The sushi passes my ds test and is pretty fresh. You can also have some hot food. You have to eat everything you order or they will charge regular menu prices though so you need to order carefully.

            1. OK, went for late lunch at 2:30 pm today. Got the AYCE sushi and cooked foods. Had 16 sashimi, 12 sushi, shrimp and veggie tempura, and some shrimp, beef, and veggie hibachi/teppanyaki. All was good. Fresh, tasty. Ate way too much, but I hadn't eaten since noon the day before because I was so busy.

              The sushi and sashimi were pleasantly small, not huge balls of rice. The perfect mouthful. The size you get at the real high end places.

              I ordered two batches of sushi/sashimi. The second order was very, very cold. Sushi and sashimi shouldn't be cold. I spoke to the owner and he didn't understand me at first, but I got my point across after he realized I wasn't insulting his fish. It seems he owns a seafood business and is very proud of his fish. He went immediately to check on the temp. of the sushi bar cooler.

              They also have 1/2 price, a la cart lunch take out on many items.

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              1. re: JMF

                Thanks for taking the bullet for us. Glad to hear positive things about it.

                1. re: JMF

                  Thanks for the review. I am really interested in checking it, since I use ayce restaurants to try new things.

                  1. re: liza219

                    They have much more on the ayce menu. Many types of soups, teriyaki, various dumplings, etc. I wish they had a slightly cheaper lunch ayce.

                    Personally, I'm not a big fan of ayce. I tend to be a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to Japanese food. But I'm trying to overcome my ways and be more accepting.

                  2. re: JMF

                    My son and I went there for lunch yesterday. He loves sushi and we went to his first funeral for our neighbor (my son is 12, neighbor 40 died unexpectedly) so I felt a treat was due. he had various sushi/sashami, a spicy tuna hand roll and I think a dragon roll. He agreed with JMF on the smaller sushi/sashami size which he commented that he liked a lot. We also had the special roll with shrimp tempura, an alaska roll and another regular spicy tuna roll. I thought they were all good. We also had some shrimp and veggie tempura, shumai which were good, salmon teriaki (ds had seconds)and some shrimp/chicken hibachi.

                    Overall ds felt the fish quality was good. He liked the spicy tuna roll and the sashami except the pepper tuna. he also liked that ice cream was included. The other place we go to khangri does not give you ice cream but has more other choices. I wish lunch were cheaper and that he still paid the kids price but we enjoyed it alot although I think JMF got more value since he ate more. The service was very attentive without being overwhelming. I would go back.

                    1. re: rolise

                      Thanks for your input. Were you happy with the sushi/rice ratio? I remember when the buffet on Central (Yonkers) near Outback before it when out of business. The amount of rice (plus it was cold!) Was ridiculous.
                      Hope the lunch cheered your son up. Funerals are tough at any age.

                      1. re: liza219

                        They fish/rice ratio was excellent. While it is only very good quality, the actual pieces of nigiri were very well balanced. Small, just one mouth full, just how sushi should be. For some it actually may be not enough rice to fish.

                        1. re: JMF

                          Thanks for answering as I only had the rolls and they did not have too much rice. My son commented that he was happy with the smaller pieces, not too much rice also. And the rice was not cold like the place near Outback. DS loved that one but he was younger and not as discerning then. His aunt has taken him for sushi to nicer places a few times and he has learned about quality from her.

                          1. re: JMF

                            I hate it when pieces are too big! I don't like to stuff my face, at the same time I hate taking two bites. This place sound up my alley, especially since I just had a tooth (molar) pulled and two crowns on their way in. I miss crunchy!