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Mar 13, 2013 09:01 PM

Tayta on Northern in Corona?

Anyone try this place, how does it compare to other Peruvian--had lunch today at Pio Pio takeout--their sauce is better than anyone--however, their salad dressing leaves something to be desired--and I think the chicken at Tu Casa is much more flavorful--also, Pio Pio has really raised their prices, they charge $6 a breast, whereas you can get 4 breasts from tucasa for about 1/2 of that--huge difference--Tu casa's sauce is extremely spicy and more oily rather than creamy--wondering about Tayta because I'm in the corona area once a week. thanks..anything else good in the vicinity? Who's get the best empanadas around there..anywhere from 80's to 100's on northern would work.

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  1. besides the empanadas at the empanadas cafe in corona, on van doren..i go there already...