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Need help with Sunday dinner in Florence

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Need help narrowing down choices for Sunday dinner in Florence for a girls trip. In our early 30's looking for great meal. Looking at Cipolla rossi,
Osteria di Cingialo Bianco, Il Latini, or Casalinga.
Have a reservation Monday night for Sostanza.
Of those 4, which one has best food and atmosphere? Also open to any other suggestions! Thanks

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  1. When you say "Sunday dinner," are you looking for the afternoon meal (more typical for families) or for an evening meal? In either event, as much as I like Casalinga, I wouldn't consider it a "girls night out" sort of place. Had lunch at Cipolla rossa once and liked it very much, but haven't tried the other two--nor have I looked at availability for any of your choices.

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      Meant evening meal--sorry for confusion! Also looked at teatro de sale--would that be worth going to if they're open on Sunday?

    2. I love Cipolla Rosso, which would be a good choice.
      Casalinga is closed on Sunday, isn't it?

      But maybe a funner choice would be Santo Bevitore. The food is great, and it's a really fun atmosphere.