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Mar 13, 2013 08:08 PM

Monti Area of Rome

Can anyone suggest any tasty/casual restaurants. I will be there (party of 2) for 5 days in July and would love some recommendations. There are so many great places, but any specific places that are mid-price local cuisine

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  1. Here are my favorites:
    Taverna dei Fori Imperiali: it's our own local, but books up, so make sure you reserved.

    L'Asino d'Oro - creative twists on Umbrian cuisine. A great 13 Euro fixed menu at lunch.

    Urbana 47 - Local, organic ingredients, modern twists on traditional recipes.

    Al Vino Al Vino
    Tre Scalini

    Gaudeo, Via Boschetto
    Zia Rosetta, Via Urbana

    Fata Morgana

    Le Carette, Via Madonna dei Monti. Just a good local pizza joint. If you go early enough, you can get a table outside.

    Er Baretto, Via Boschetto pretty cappucino, good place for morning coffee.
    Cafe de Brasile, Via dei Serpenti, excellent coffee.

    Hope this helps!

    1. Everything Elizabeth said. (only I don't love Urbana47)

      + my 2 cents

      Another nice before dinner glass of wine or craft beer spot:
      Fafiuche - Via della Madonna dei Monti, 79

      Comfy couches, good background music - for coffee, juices and excellent sweets at Cafe 2Periodico - Via Leonina, 77 (calm & quiet during the day - busy at night)

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      1. re: gmcguireinrome

        gillian, I am wondering what you dont love about Urbana47 - we liked it quite well even tho it had a little bit of the hipster locavore ultra-earnest flavor we have a lot of in our Brooklyn neighborhood (the only restaurant I saw in Rome with an Apple laptop on a table!) - the food was well prepared and the folks were friendly for our brunch/lunch. I think its a great spot for a lighter meal, not for the traditional roman pasta and meat dishes.

        Also nearby, and solid are Nerone and Trattoria Monti for a more traditional trattoria meal format.

        1. re: jen kalb

          I love the concept, but the past few meals I felt have been (sadly) expensive and mediocre.

          1. re: jen kalb

            agree 100% with gillian. Urbana 47 has been mediocre for ages. Monti isn't actually all that exciting. La Barrique is great (and waiting on outdoor seating permit...hopefully granted by July), Fatamorgana is exceptional, Gaudeo is nice for sandwiches (lovely staff but overpriced food), Espressamente is great for coffee, snacks and outdoor patio, al vino al vino is good for wine and snacks, but the rest of the neighborhood offerings are pretty meh. L'asino is cheap at lunch, but dinner is really inconsistent.

            1. re: katieparla

              thanks for the neighborhood roundup, guys!

              1. re: jen kalb

                Love the list of the favorites (or not so favorite in some cases). I will be in Monti in about 2 1/2 weeks so this of course along with the apps and blogs has been very informative.

                1. re: Dee74

                  so it's not technically Monti, but close-ish: Enoteca Provinicia Romana. It does a brisk lunch business (opens at 1pm, no reservations) and a nice dinner. Very tasty and reasonably priced food and wine, gorgeous setting.