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Mar 13, 2013 07:36 PM

Sliders for Many

I am planning an indoor party for this weekend and I would like to serve around 100 sliders. I will not be able to grill during the party and would rather not cook on the stovetop. I have found a few articles suggesting that burgers could be pre-grilled and kept warm and juicy by either storing in a steamer on the stove or in a pot in the oven. In both cases beef broth is used as the liquid. Has anyone tried this before? Do you end up with uber well done burgers? Any other suggestions?

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  1. Just my opinion, but burgers need to be made fresh. They do not hold well and the idea of holding them in the oven to keep warm or hot is not very good. I would do a pulled pork, meatball or meatloaf slider instead....maybe with a nice condiment on top..

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      Agree with fourunder - I've done both meatball and pulled pork sliders for parties, and they do really well with advance cooking and reheating (probably get better actually). If you flatten the meatballs a bit into more of a burger shape they're easier to eat on a slider bun.

    2. I agree with fourunder that in general, burgers don't hold well.

      But if you're set on doing sliders, you can grill them to medium rare earlier in the day, fridge them immediately, loosely covered with foil (tented). Don't stack them, one layer on large plates. This takes a lot of space, so maybe you need to use a coffin cooler with a single layer of ice, then plates with tented sliders on top. As you need them, pull them out of the cooler and reheat in oven on a cookie cooling rack.

      This isn't ideal, but should result in the sliders not being turned into hockey pucks.

      1. A slider is a small sandwich, usually a burger, but not always. If you grill burgers and hold in the oven, they will be well done. which I would prefer, anyway.
        Like others have suggested, if you don't want to be grilling during the party, then make a different type of slider with a different meat preparation.

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          I'm in agreement w/ you WyoGal - I would be fine with well done but not all people may be.

          BootBot - If you're entertaining the thought of other meats, this recipe has been well received.

          and keeps well for a crowd.

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            Interesting, I've only had sliders as burgers. Yes, I suppose it can be anything, but then is a ham and cheese on minature bread really a slider? Or is it just a small sandwich? I often have a slice of cheese between two crackers as a snack, but have never considered that to be a slider. It's interesting how definitions for foods can reach very fuzzy boundaries.

            1. re: foreverhungry

              Yes, a slider is a small sandwich. I think of it as a miniature version of a bigger sandwich, using a small bun. But the meat can vary.

          2. What if you didn't do burgers? I've made these and they reheated well, or maybe you could keep them warm in a crockpot on low

            1. Here's an approach that might work: form the meat into patties and line them up on racks set in cookie sheets (you'll need the kind with low sides). Refrigerate until almost ready to serve, then put them into a hot (450° - 500°F) oven for a short time - how long will depend on the thickness of the patties, so I'd suggest doing a trial run of a small quantity to see how long it takes to get the to the desired doneness. Assume the full batch will take a little longer as the large quantity of cold meat will drop the oven temperature a bit.

              I know this sort of method works for large batches of meatballs, so I don't see why it shouldn't work for sliders.

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                That is what I was about to suggest is a meatball slider instead.
                You can even do different versions. and even give people the chance to dress them up with condiments, sauce, etc.

                Chorizo Spicy meatballs and a Mild meatball like the Lisa suggested, with some cheese, slider buns, any condiments, and lettuce, tomato, onion, or whatever people might want to add. Or just make a salad for a side.