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Mar 13, 2013 07:34 PM

Holy Basil Baltimore City?

Anyone know where I can find holy basil in Baltimore? I live in the city but I venture out to the suburbs both north and south (Towson, Columbia, Catonsville) occasionally so any recommendations there would work as well. I have not checked H Mart but thought I'd ask here before making the trip.

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  1. Thai-Philippine Oriental Foods
    Catonsvile H Mart
    Whole Foods
    I would call before heading out to make sure they have it in stock.
    Hmart has been know to mislabel it Taiwanese Basil

    1. I've found Thai basil, but never Holy basil. I usually purchase white and purple Holy basil plants from the Songkran festival in Silver Spring. The white plants run out super fast.

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        Yea, I think I'm out of luck for holy basil but don't think I'm the only one in that boat. I plan to head to H Mart this weekend for Kimchi so perhaps I'll check there.

      2. Thanks! I easily found Thai basil at H Mart as well as some lovely Thai chili which will hopefully turn into a tasty ka pow chicken.

        1. In addition to H Mart, Lotte Garden on route 40 in Catonsville usually has it. Their quality of their produce is better than H Mart, but more expensive. They are in the old Toys R Us location.