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Mar 13, 2013 06:51 PM

Restaurants in East of Sacramento, Folsom area ??

Would much appreciate any recommendations for good restaurants on the East side of Sacramento, including areas like Folsom and Rancho Cordova. We are there on a regular basis for weekends and always have a hard time finding good places to eat. So far we have found good sushi at Samurai Sushi and ok pizza at One Speed pizza, but we would really like some alternatives for both nicer restaurants, and/or different types of food. A couple of weeks ago we tried the Roxy Restaurant, but were not impressed.

Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. IMO,Best pizza in Sac is at Roma's on Folsom at Watt avenue. NY style. Amazing.

    Brookfields at Sunrise and Folsom is excellent coffee shop type food.

    North on Sunrise is La Boheme. Old school french continental style. Great special restaurant.

    Mikuni is back open again at Hazel and Winding. I prefer them over Samurai myself. Farther down Hazel at Sunset is Maranello. An excellent Italian place.

    I like Carmelitas in old Fair Oaks.I love the chicken dishes.

    In Folsom, Bidwell Street Bistro is amazing. Right next door is Manderas and they have great (if over priced) food and an incredible beer selection. Both are not in old town Folsom you have to go up into the new section on Bidwell Street.

    In old town on Sutter Street The Bistro la Petite is great, BUT some of the reviews do not reflect that on Yelp and U.Spoon.....

    Also at the top of Sutter Street is the steakhouse. And it is as good as Morton or RC's IMO at a lot less money. Old school, clubby wwith big fat slabs of beef.

    My favorite place in Folsom is Sam Horne's tavern. The best 10 dollar food in the Sacramento area. Great burgers, some interesting takes on tater tots, and the blue cheese and bacon fries are so good it is not funny. Also a beer geeks bar with rotating taps and local brews and a great happy hour.

    1. The best fine dining experience I've enjoyed out that way is Hawks in Granite Bay. I really liked the friendly service.

      1. I was taken to Selland's Market Cafe in El Dorado Hills for Brunch on Sunday, and the food was quite good amidst a very casual, nearly self-service atmosphere. I particularly enjoyed the Eggs Benedict Pizza, though it may have been called something else.

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          Thanks! Lots of places to look up. The only one of these that I had tried previously was Mikuni, so these places would all be new for us. It seems like a difficult area for us to find good restaurants.

          Also, Hawks in Granite Bay was mentioned, and we have never been there, but we have found an ok(though not great) Italian restaurant in Granite Bay called Dominick's.

        2. Be sure to check out the Interstate 80 thread. I about covered everything from Sac to Rocklin so far.

          With a couple of exceptions.

          Hawks in granite Bay is excellent. I've been but long ago and then the food was amazing. People still rave on it so unlikely it has changed. And my favorite La Provence iN roseville off of Pleasant Grove Blvd. Wonderful place. French, farm to table, great wine, great building great art on the walls great greatness. Wine dinners, Chef Dinners, Prix Fixe dinners.and menu as well..... WALK AWAY DELI which rocks huge for lunch............incredible Sunday brunch, off menu not buffet. .

          1. (Sorry for the late reply, but I just noticed this discussion.)

            I second bennyboy1's recommendation for Samuel Horne. The burgers are outstanding and, in case you're into microbrew beers, they have a wonderful selection of local brews (made within 150 miles, I believe) and a shockingly large selection of bottled beer, including some rare ones.

            The only caveat I'll mention is that I've gone there 2-3 times when it was impossible to find a place to sit, even on a weeknight.

            Secondly, I strongly recommend Chez Daniel. It is a French restaurant with white tablecloths and a dress code.

            The food and service at C Daniel are outstanding and it's a bargain for high-end food. For about $30 you get a four course dinner.