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Mar 13, 2013 06:40 PM

Burgers in the Walnut Creek/Danville/Pleasanton side of the East Bay????

A lot has been written about the Oakland/Berkeley area, but has anyone food good burgers in the Walnut Creek, Danville/San Ramon, Pleasanton side of the East Bay???? Something better than the chains like In 'N Out

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  1. I'm not a burger person but this may help...

    Well there's mini chains:

    The Counter and Habit

    There's also Corners Tavern which is uneven but I really like the atmosphere, and is solid for Walnut Creek.

    1. habit does burgers like five guys, four ounce patties, dry, no flavor, juice at all

      Counter is pricey. ok if you like it

      *George's is family owned, in biz for 30 years, grounds their meat twice daily from usda certified angus cows. great juicy burgers!

      George's Giant Hamburger
      1491 Newell Ave
      Walnut Creek, (925) 939-4999

      *Mooyah Burgers (4.95) are 2- 4oz patties also, more tender than five guys, also tasteless

      1815-D Ygnacio Valley
      Walnut Creek, Ca.

      *in & outs for fast food burgers (pleasant hill, san ramon)tender and juicyk, not dry

      1. I just heard yesterday that The Vine restaurant in Danville, which serves food from Bridges restaurant, makes great burgers. Haven't tried it yet, but I'm going to try them out very soon.

        1. Don't forget In n Out! In Walnut Creek, HubCaps downtown does a good burger and so does Pyramid Alehouse. There used to be a Taxi's with good burgers on Newell but that's a Pho place now.

          1. Norms (near Starbucks) on the main drag in Danville serves up a tasty burger. Chow in Lafayette and Danville also is worthwhile.
            Flemings Steak House in WC has a GREAT happy hour burger that is probably my favorite..and a great deal at 6 bucks and comes with bacon- a really great deal! Other food and drink specials are well worth it.

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              Thanks!! This gives us a few places that we have not tried and helps us avoid us(i.e. Habit burgers does not sound good, from your description).