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Mar 13, 2013 06:40 PM

Great Pancakes in Arlington and/or DC?

I am craving pancakes and don't know anywhere good to get them! Ideally they would be:
-on the thinner side, light and not too bready
-if possible, a whole wheat version available (sometimes wheat versions are tastier!)

I live in Arlington so that would be ideal, but willing to drive to DC for the right stack :) Any ideas?!

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  1. Original Pancake House in Falls Church.

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    1. re: theoneontheleft

      At OPH you'd have to order the Swedish pancakes to get the light, lacy version. Very good.

      1. BF is obsessed with the chocolate chip pancakes at Bob and Edith's. They usually have banana-walnut ones too, and I'm pretty sure I've seen whole wheat on special.

        1. I vote for the Original Pancake House also, but I also like the multigrain pancakes at First Watch in Fairfax.

          1. Just drive to Cracker Barrel or Baltimore and go to Miss Shirley's. No joke, the DC area (to me) is pretty bad when it comes to breakfast - especially pancakes.