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Mar 13, 2013 06:20 PM

La voile or Lucca Back Bay before symphony?

DH and I wanted to try a new restaurant within walking distance of Symphony Hall. We are parking at the Christian Scientist garage, and don't want to move the car until after the performance. I think la voile is a 15 minute walk, and Lucca a 10 minute walk (provided I don't wear high heels). We are not that familiar with Boston, driving up from Providence.

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  1. Lucca's definitely fancier and probably pricier. Not as good as Prezza and you have a lot of great Italian in Providence, but I like it (good bar too). La Voile is cozier, French bistro, less expensive, less formal and I like it also. Maybe go on line and look at the menus. Lucca is closer: probably about six blocks to the Symphony right up Huntington. La Voille is more like 9 blocks (on Newbury).

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      I'm always looking for places near the Huntington performances at the BU Theater over there. Does anyone have thoughts as to how Sorrellina compares to Lucca? I like Lucca.

      Any other good options in that area, especially ones that might be open after a play (past 10 pm)?

    2. Both about a ten-minute walk from the garage exit on Mass Ave. Southern French vs. Northern Italian, both good but somewhat Americanized vs. perfectly traditional, both carrying a Back Bay price premium. Lucca has a great little bar with good cocktails; La Voile is beer/wine only but has a nice patio if the weather suits. I'd say the prices are very close. Reservations a good idea.

      Third alternative: Brasserie Jo, as close, doing French brasserie fare in a big, lively setting, also a good bar.

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      1. re: MC Slim JB

        Yeah, sorry to throw a third option at you instead, but Brasserie Jo is the best choice for a cozy Symphony Hall dinner.

      2. We always go to Brasserie Jo before the symphony.

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          1. We went to Brasserie Jo a few years ago and were underwhelmed. Seemed to appeal to an older crowd. Perhaps we should give it another chance. We love Sorellina, it is in a whole different class, IMO, But quite pricey. Have done Petit Robert (Meh), Deuxaves (excellent).

            So how does the food at Lucca compare to Brasserie Jo?

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              i think the vibe at brasserie jo can vary a lot, depending on if the hotel is full of convention attendees, or something like pre-symphony is going to be an older crowd, yes.

              i think the food is very solid, wine list has great values and cocktails are pretty good.

              i always feel hosed after eating/drinking at lucca.

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                I dunno, I've been at Brassie Jo pre-symphony, on a warm summer evening, in the dead of winter, and under any variety of other circumstances, and I've never noticed a particular change in the clientele from one to another. Of course, I'm a bit mystified as to why "an older crowd" is gonna make my steak frites or my mussels taste any different, so there you go.