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Mar 13, 2013 05:36 PM

Lunch in Manhattan tomorrow, somewhere betw Saks & Bloomies or nearby

We'd like to try someplace we've never been to that is great for a late lunch. Here are places we've been to in the vicinity:

Marea, Bice, Bergdorf's, Aquavit, Rosa Mexicana, Momofuku Ma Peche, Fishtail, Fulton, Sarabeth, The Moderne, Le Bernardin, Jojo, Jean-Georges, Dawat, Darbur, Tao, Pampano, Le Bibliotecque, L 'Absinthe. I know a few of these are a little afield, but just in case you thought of suggesting, them, I mentioned them. Not a big fan of anything by David Burke or Daniel Boulud, having been to places of theirs and left wondering why they are so successful.

Thinking of maybe Park Avenue Winter, since we haven't been there since they changed their concept a zillion years ago.

We enjoy pretty much all cuisines. Since I have a day of heavy duty shopping planned, I don't want to schlep too far out of the way, but want something relaxing as a reward for my husband who is only going with me because he expects a good meal to come out of his selflessness.

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  1. Made an online res at El Porron at 61st & 1st. A few blocks out of the way, but the menu looks really interesting and pretty reasonable. Anyone been there? Still open to all suggestions.

    1. I'd stay with Park Avenue Winter. Although I haven't been there in a year, I've always thought their food was excellent. The potato latkes are a must!

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          Oh, I spelled it wrong. I said the Moderne, meant Modern. Liked it, but been there. Thanks.

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            Then how about La Grenouille around the corner from MoMA? Or Gattopardo?

        2. How about the restaurant in the Armani boutique on Fifth? Right across the street from Bendels - you can look at their Lalique windows while enjoying Armani's very fine( very sophisticated) Italian food. Chic decoration too,as you can imagine ...

          1. Well, thanks for the suggestions. I admit I didn't play by the rules I set down. We went to El Porron, which is 4 blocks afield of our target area. This place is pretty good. It's a typical looking upscale tapas place with a little less variety than I expected, but maybe they offer more specials at dinner. We had four small plates: openface sardine sandwiches with a tangy, but not spicy salsa, very good wild mushrooms in another delicious sauce with a tad overdone leeks, delicious sweatbreads accompanied by yet another flavorful sauce and callos madrilenos. It was the first time we've had this classic dish, so nothing to compare it to, but they get the tiny bit of tripe in it tender. For desert, we had a really well prepared Spanish version of Creme Brulee. Not a cheap lunch at $93 before tip including my husband's Scotch, my sherry and two glasses of jumilla and would not go back for dinner, or for that matter perhaps, not even lunch because we probably hit on all the menu options we wanted to try.