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Yumewokatare closed from March 12 to 18

...from March 12 to 18 (sorry) just in case you were planning a pilgrimage. I just talked to three very disappointed Japanese students outside the restaurant. They were visiting from Concord and had come directly from South Station - they still had their travel bags.

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        1. any clue if this is a replacement or in addition to the rumored monthlong closing (that i think was scheduled for either later this month or april, someone can remind me i'm sure..)

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            On the sign announcing this week's closing, there wasn't any mention of the longer one. I'd guess they are 2 separate things.

          2. Oh, my heart! My heart! Don't do that!

            1. Just a quick note that we changed the title on this thread to be a lot less fun but a little more descriptive. Chowhound threads rank pretty high in Google search results and not everyone clicks through for details. We don't want anyone to get the wrong impression in the future and choose to go elsewhere without realizing the restaurant isn't closed.

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                Ok no problem, I'll remember to stick to more descriptive, less deceptive.

                *scraps future post about "Doowee and Rice no more... serving Vietnamese squid salad"*

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                  Ok, not to be snarky, but here's a question: Why are you "recommending" all these comments? Are you using "recommend" as a "like", button? I think that kind of defeats the purpose, though I'm not really sure how to use it, anyway.

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                    Yes, my use was closer to "like". I just looked up the official announcement for the recommend feature. It doesn't describe the purpose of recommends beyond using it if "you see something useful or interesting". Which borders but isn't quite "[if] you see something you like". I simply recommended posts that I enjoyed.

                    The staff also says they will be "monitoring how the recommend button gets used" and adjusting. Personally I'd like to use it like the "favorites" feature in MetaFilter, if you've used that site. You can tag a post or reply as a favorite, and your intention could mean "like", "recommend", or "interesting", or "bookmark for future". (I imagine we will eventually be able to see on one page all the things we recommend here on Chowhound.) However, there are debates on that site, too, as to what its real purpose should be.

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                      OK, I'll buy that. I use the star, or favorites for "bookmark for future" when there's something I want to refer back to. I can then find it under my profile. I'm not quite sure what the recommend is going to do for us.

              2. I went again tonight. They are closed tomorrow and Friday (5/17 and 5/18) to prep for the Japan Festival on 5/19. They will be serving a special soba at the fest.

                Also closing in June at some point for a while, but I don't recall the exact dates. I would check their websi

                *falls asleep mid-sentence due to pork coma*

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                  After my first visit, I started packing a flask of Fernet for afters. Forgive its cultish following: it's the most efficacious digestivo in the wake of an animal-fat overload I've ever found, which is why my friends and I have been drinking it since Sidney Frank turned J├Ąger into a frat-boy shooter 25 years ago.


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                    I think it's a mark of this community's respect for your even-handed, well-intended efforts that you can get away with "efficacious digestivo" for the hipster booze-up that is Fernet. :)

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                      The stuff really is magic. I don't believe in most kinds of herbal medicine, but drinking bitters to stimulate the flow of bile is one I do, and Fernet-Branca is the best I've yet tried of dozens of them.


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                    What's the line like these days, anyone know?

                    1. re: jgg13

                      Thursday night around 9PM, I waited about 15-20 min. Much more pleasant waiting in warmer weather, although you don't get that kick of getting hot ramen after a chilly wait outside.

                      Also: still no paper napkins inside aside from the one wet nap.