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Mar 13, 2013 05:17 PM

Are the New Dills out yet? (and where?)

Have been away all winter and coming home next week and yes, just in time for Passover! That's how I judge my pickles...still bright green and old dills for me...

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  1. Highland Farms has two or three brands in a cooler alongside anchovies and taramasalata. Buy the freshest; Strub's new dills are half sour to me, and get soggier at home.

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      Thanks 'jayt90'...tis true, particularly at this time of year 'all of the cukes' are imported..there are no local cukes...that being said, am glad to hear that you have tried the Strub's. I find the same thing..once the jar is opened they do begin to age and get soggy.. Strub's are my least favourite but if that's all there is I'll be buying at least one jar for now....Nathan's half sour/new have become number one for me.....

    2. You need cucumbers before you get dill pickles. Look outside the window: snow.

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        With respect, the pickle business is international, and formerly local firms will bring in cucumbers from Mexico and other locations.
        I tried Strub's new half sour dills (from RCSS) after I read the OP, and they were actually quite good, with a vinegar brine .

        1. re: jayt90

          Mexico, California and Florida have all had awful years so far.I wouldn't be surprised if we have to wait a little longer than normal for fresh pickles, or any decent produce, this year for that matter.

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            I really enjoyed the Strubs half-sours, Had Nathan's half-sours too, was very disappointed. No dill flavour, no strong sour or salty flavour either.

        2. Half sours at Starsky aren't bad.

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          1. re: Kagemusha

            Second Starsky's raw dills--they've got that authentic indigestibility thing going. And I get a craving for them at this time of year too--along with rhubarb--and hothouse rhubarb occasionally surfaces at Starsky's about now, as well.

            Also, the supplier for those dills, I believe, is on Olivewood off Kipling, across from Boncheff's greenhouses--the name, alas, eludes me.

            1. re: pearl3

              Love that "Food Zone" area east of Kipling, south of the TTC overpass down to the Queensway--Dimp's, Tymek's, European Meats, and the once somewhat shady North Fish--less shady now in its new location on Six Point Rd. Pasquale Bros. isn't far away.

              Sad that Boncheff nearly lost their shirts on their brief food fling a few years ago and went back to the greenhouse/florist biz exclusively. Their hearts were in it but the traffic just wasn't there.

              1. re: Kagemusha

                Yes! That is one of the most soothing areas in the GTA, depending on your persuasion.
                Boncheff has always been a particular semi-private pleasure--before the greenhouses were renovated, when they still had running water and moss in the beds, and when there were two or three cats lurking around... And they put in that food section with the miniature vegetables and condiments... But you're so right; no foot traffic, no (or few) trendies to give them any volume there. I still go, though, and love the greenhouses full of basil plants on a cold day. I do buy plants there, as well as on the Lakeshore near Cawthra--place with a similar feel.

                I goofed, though, on Tymek's--it's on Advance.