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Mar 13, 2013 05:01 PM

Best Veggie Burger in Columbus, Ohio?

I've discovered that I really like veggie burgers. I have had a few that I have made on my own and I have had BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse as well as the one from Rusty Bucket. Both were surprisingly well done. Does anyone have any other restaurant suggestions with great veggie burgers?

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  1. I've never had one, but a well-traveled foodie friend raves about the one at Northstar....

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      The Northstar veggie burger is by far the best I've run across in Columbus.

    2. Well, I guess I was hoping for a better reply stream lol! That's OK. Thanks Jes7o for your response.

      Last night I went to Red Robin for the second time in my life for my husband's sister's birthday. It turns out that their garden burger is wonderful with the lettuce "bun".

      I also did some more poking and prodding and found out about a few other places including this website for any future cbus lurkers:


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        If you get the urge to cook up a veggie burger at home, seek out some Luna Burgers -

        They come in a few flavors and they're all pretty good. Original and BBQ are my personal favorites.

      2. Northstar has an AMAZING veggie burger. Whole World Natural Restaurant and Bakery in Clintonville is famous for their broccoli burger. Barley's is pretty good as well.

        1. Worthington Inn has a good one, made with Himalayan red rice. It's on their pub menu. Their bar and the restaurant are both great.

          1. Will have to try the Northstar one, I've only hand the one from Graffiti Burger and really liked that one.