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Mar 13, 2013 03:43 PM

Needs recs for lowers manhattan

Heading to lower manhattan this weekend and I'm looking for a really good restaurant for Saturday night. Price point is around 75 per person. Am interested in French/Italian/American. Any suggestions?

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      1. Pepolino. Louro, Osteria Morini

        1. Lower Manhattan as in Wall Street, or downtown/below 14th?

          I hope you're willing to wait for a table, reservations may be hard to come by so late in the game.

          I'd recommend the newly opened Montmartre if you're willing to eat in Chelsea, which is not below 14th Street.

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          1. re: kathryn

            Thank you all for your suggestions! I'm looking into each and every one. And yes, I'm looking for a place below 14th Street.

          2. 1, How many people in your party?
            2. Does that $75/pp mean just for food, menu price, or is that total - including drinks, tax, and tip?

            $75 before tax and tip = about $58. Subtract a couple drinks from that, at say $10 per drink average, and you're at about $38 menu price for food.

            That said, most places are already going to be booked solid. Once we know your party size we can probably make better suggestions by looking at Opentable.

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            1. re: sgordon

              Hi, thanks for your reply!

              There's just 2 of us and I think the $38 menue price for food sounds right. Basically, as long as there are some entrees in the $20-$30 range.

              Places are booked up! Through researching some of the above suggestions, I came across Public, which had an opening, though earlier than we wanted. But I went ahead and made the reservation so we were assured to have something.

              1. re: rareblue18

                Public is great, though it -could- break your budget depending how much you eat - getting an app, entree, and dessert (with two drinks) each could edge you closer to $200 total after tax and tip. Splitting a dessert, drinking beer over wine, etc, can nickel and dime it down a bit, though.