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Mar 13, 2013 03:41 PM

Where to buy Intelligentsia coffee in the DC area by the bag

Anyone know where I can buy it by the bag to brew at home? Looks like only a handful of places even offer it by the cup.

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    1. re: agarnett100

      Shipping is extremely expensive because they only ship via UPS. The cheapest option, ground rate for a 1lb bag, is $10.84. And the coffee itself is already so pricey that I'm hoping to find it for sale locally.

    2. There's a limited selection at Baked&Wired in Georgetown, iirc, and also a limited selection at South Block smoothies in Clarendon part of Arlington.

      Maybe Chinatown Coffee or Sova, and I could've sworn I saw some at Whole Foods. Hope this will get you started....

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      1. re: orangemix

        Thanks! I heard South Block had it but I didn't know they sold bags.

        1. re: akimaii

          I was just at South Block and they no longer has Intellegentsia coffees.

      2. I think Dolcezza in Dupont carries Intelligentsia, as well as some other great roasters, like Stumptown.

        1. Update: South Block Smoothie in Clarendon sells the house blend for about $17 for a 1lb bag. Thanks @orangemix!

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          1. re: akimaii

            Update on my update: South Block switched to Ceremony roasters.

          2. Pitango Gelato ( now carries Counter Culture beans, but the guy at the Capitol Hill branch told me that in the near future they would be carrying Intelligentsia coffee instead. Don't know how reliable this information is.