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Mar 13, 2013 02:23 PM

Dublin post-arrival dinner reccos

Hello hounds,
We're a family of four travelling to Ireland for our first visit, in mid-April. We've two nights in Dublin, and are hoping to get to the Winding Stair for one of them. But we'd love some suggestions for dinner our first night there.

We're staying at Buswell's, which appears to be between St. Stephen's Green and Trinity. We'd be grateful for suggestions within walking distance of that area, and not over the top fancy since we'll have arrived on a red-eye that morning and we have kids (12 and 7) in tow. We're game for anything but would prefer local eats that we can't necessarily find here in Boston (yes, I know we've Irish pubs and seafood here, but you know what I mean!).

Can we take the kids into a pub for dinner? Would we want to?

Thanks you, hounds!

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  1. You're within a short walk to Bewley's Cafe on Grafton St. They serve dinner, and it's a down to earth but very pretty room - will get you in the mood for the Ireland days to follow. I've only had breakfast there, but we really liked the food and ambiance. That area has lots of choices - the Avoca restaurant is another one.

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      Thank you! Bewley's is definitely on our list, more likely for lunch.

    2. HI
      whatever you do, don't go to Temple Bar - its the Disneyfication of our culture! And you could be in Boston or any Irish bar in the world - there's thousands of people who think that the Irish live their lives to the constant lament of a fiddle or pouring pints down our necks day and night!

      Try Bewleys certainly or Avoca as well - also a new little place is Hatch and Sons under the Little Museum of Dublin (charming in itself).
      One new phenomenon on the Irish food scene is the scattering of new cafes like Hatch and Sons on the Green or Cup on Nassau St or Dublin City Food on Andrew St - all great but Hatch is particularly good on Irish provenance and heritage, without being Paddy Oirish!
      Also, the whole new Irish Craft Beer micro-brewing offering is becoming very popular - check them out whenever you see them available on draught in a pub. Hatch does some too.
      For pubs in your area of Dublin, check out the Long Hall and The Swan, both great old legends and not new mock-ups! The bar in Buswells (across from the Dail) is good for politician-watching and their attendant hangers-on!
      You won't see kids in pubs at night generally.

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        Thanks, this is just the kind of advice we're looking for.

      2. I think The Pig's Ear would meet your needs very well. If you choose something else for dinner, try it for lunch. They have a very good prix-fixe deal for lunch and early dinner.

        1. New Yorker here who recently spent a week in Ireland.

          The Greenhouse was excellent. I really can't say enough good things about the service or the food. It is fairly "fancy" though.

          My first meal in Dublin was at the Pig's Ear, where I had lunch. I would not recommend this place - I was excited for it, but found it disappointing.