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Mar 13, 2013 02:16 PM

Prime Strips 6.97 A Pound At HEB

I updated my previous post, but the giveaway price is worthy of a new one in my opinion. I've already scored a couple for immediate consumption, and more for the freezer will follow. Good through Tuesday.

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    1. I bought jumbo shrimp - 12 count- for the same price last weekend. Head off, shell on, uncooked. Score!

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      1. re: Lambowner

        I always scour the Wednesday ads for meat and seafood specials. I too scored some of those shrimp, Lambowner.

      2. Thanks for the heads up. Bought 2 packs and had one last night. They were like butter. Going back tomorrow for 2 more packs.

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        1. re: rondl

          Darned fine steaks. My wife commented on how tender they were.

        2. They're back at $10/lb this week.

          Not quite as good of a deal, but the ones I saw last night in the butcher case were much "prettier" than the ones I previously purchased.

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          1. re: DoobieWah

            They've been there the last two weeks. We fed on some last Saturday, wifeacita was craving meat after her no meat Fridays and Wednesdays for Lent. I agree, they were purdy.

          2. I picked up 3 beautiful Prime Bone-In Ribeyes today at HEB. On sale this week for $9.99.

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            1. re: rondl

              I've been waiting for the ribeyes. Thank you and hello grill on Sunday.

              1. re: James Cristinian

                So have I. Been looking at the ads every Weds online.

                Grilled mine tonight. They were awesome. Going to pick up some more for another night (Love my Foodsaver).

                1. re: rondl

                  Where did you find them? I hit my local HEB at Westheimer and Kirkwood this a.m. and they were $19/lb.

                  The boneless strips were $10/lb though, but I still have four in the freezer from last time.

                    1. re: James Cristinian

                      I got them at the HEB Buffalo Market. SW Fwy & Buffalo Speedway.

                      1. re: rondl

                        OK, so my weekly circular shows the Prime ribeyes at $10/lb.


                        1. re: DoobieWah

                          I saw them at Bunker Hill today with my own eyeballs. Prime bone in 9.97, boneless 10.99. I'll go bone in, the wifeacita likes to gnaw. We had a porterhouse at Ruth's Chris in San Antonio, she was eyeing the remnants, and I told her to gnaw away. It was so dark in there I could barely see her, let alone anyone else.

                          1. re: James Cristinian

                            I picked up two of those ribeyes on Saturday before little bro and I went Aldi.

                            I bought one to have for dinner, and I had them cut the other off of the bone and then slice it into three thin steaks.

                            I briefly broiled the the bone and gave it to my terrier who was celebrating her third birthday on Saturday. I lightly trimmed and chicken fried the thin steaks and had an incredible chicken fried steak sandwich with Duke's and Romaine and Campari, and thin slices of jalapeno on homemade bread. So good.

                            Also, the boneless at the Westheimer/Kirkwood store were $18/lb and I had to ask for the bone-in ones as they did not have any on display at all. It's like they were hiding them.


                            1. re: DoobieWah

                              Boneless 10.97 at Bunker Hill. I also had to ask for a bone in. No sign, no steaks, nothing.