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Mar 13, 2013 02:04 PM

Best birthday cake with fine ingredient in greater Boston

Hi! I am looking for a place to order a fantastic birthday cake. I am hosting a birthday party and all the guests are super foodie. Where can I order a birthday cake that is made with the finest ingredient and tastes good? I don't care about a lot of decoration but the actual taste of the cake. Thank you!

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  1. Try Danish Pastry House in Medford or Watertown. We've ordered birthday cakes from them for several years and I have had many compliments, particularly from transplanted Europeans. Their Othello cake with a marzipan border is delicious! My DH and I do not generally like buttercream, but we actually enjoy the buttercream on DPH cakes, eg their Lemon cake. The other items at DPH are not as good as their cakes, except the french macaroons.

    Also, Vicki Lee's in Belmont. I only have had slices of her cake, but I enjoy them very much as well.

    Good Luck! Please let us know what you ended up with and whether the cake was good.

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      Second Vicki Lee's -- I've tried all of these places and for the refined cake it sounds like the OP is looking for, definitely Vicki Lee's. (Modern is great too, but a different style of cake.)

    2. I truly like the cassata from Modern Pastry in Boston's North End. I haven't tried other cake types from them (only cannoli and other pastries), but the cassata has been consistently good on the four times I've had it.

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        2nd Modern, great tasting cake.

        1. re: treb

          I always get Modern, and my favorite is what they call strawberry shortcake, but is really a layered rum cake with strawberries (or peaches) and raspberry preserves. I'm not big on dessert, but this is pretty much the perfect cake in my opinion, just ethereal. Plus, I think it's a great deal at $30 for one that will feed most of the neighborhood, and you get to skip past the line of North End tourists to pick it up (and might as well throw some macaroons in as well, right?). They are also in Medford Sq.

          Konditor Meister is also great, esp. for chocolate. Not sure if they deliver or if you have to go to Braintree.

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          I am a fan of Modern but was not aware they did a 'cassata'. But cassata just means cake so it could be anything. would you describe it plse>> is it a pound cake with a ricotta filling that includes chocolate bits and candied orange peel? all glazed in a choc ganache? thx much!

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            It's described on the link I posted. It's a layered rum cake with chocolate and ricotta in between.

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            The Cassata from Modern would be my choice.

            I think Vickie Lee is also good.

            Not at ALL a fan of Konditor Meister, waxy butter cream not yummy, blech.

          3. I have relied on Flour and on Konditor Meister for occasion cakes.


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              I'm fond of Vicki Lee's in Belmont.

            2. We also like Konditor Meister cakes for special occasions. They have a lot of options.

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                I also really like Konditor Meister. Their cakes are beautiful and taste just as good!

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                  I agree with Konditor Meister, always the best I've tried.

                2. The best birthday cake I've had from around here was from PARTY FAVORS in Coolidge Corner