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Mar 13, 2013 01:49 PM

Mighty Quinn's East Village — highly recommended

It looks expensive when you go in, but once it's in front of you, you realize how much of a deal it is. For nine dollars (including tax) I got a good-sized serving of brisket (with a beautiful knob of burnt end on top), coleslaw (delicious and free), pickled onions, pickled celery, pickled red chilis (not as hot as they look), and lightly pickled cucumber.

First of all, it was the best brisket I've ever had anywhere. Second, the pickled vegetables pair perfectly with it (much better than honking pieces of sandwich bread, which I don't recommend), and cut through the richness and smokiness of the meat perfectly. Finally, I'd steer clear of the sauce on the tables; it's too gloopy and sweet, and the pickled veggies provide all the acid you need.

If you go, get the brisket, coleslaw, and make sure to ask for all four of the pickled items.

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  1. Wow, very strong rec on the brisket. I look forward to trying this place.

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      Have you been to hill country in Texas? Smitty's, Black's, etc? Mighty Quinn's is really good, especially for NYC, but I personally would be hesitant to proclaim it the best I've ever had.

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    2. Went to M.Q.'s thi past Saturday night and while they were busy, they were handling the crowd nicely. Great selection of beers both on tap and in bottles and very plesant people working there. Had a abeer while we were waiting and hung out at the back of the restaurant by the window to the kitchen. Watching as the briskets were being prepped for 2 days later. One of the pwners was telling mw that they prep the meat 24 hours before it goes into the smoker and then another 18 hours in the smoker. I really enjoyed the food, we had the pulled pork and the spare ribs along with the baked beans and the sweat potato casserole. I enjoyed the salt and pepper rub which made a very nice bark, but my one complaint (way too strong a word) was that their meats are very mildly smoked. The texture was great on both cuts but for me there could have been a little more smoke flavor. I loved the beans and the sweet potato casserole was a nice cooling flavor to offset any spice (mostly pepper). All in all we'll definitely go back.