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Mar 13, 2013 01:28 PM

Looking for top SF chinese (and yes I have done research but looking for additional insight!)

Hi there,

My partner and I are traveling to SF in April. We will be staying in Nob Hill but want to try a few Chinese places in the city. We have yelped and looked at previous CH posts. Yuet Lee seems like a good option but we wanted to check in with this community to see what you recommend. My partner is of Chinese extraction and has discriminating tastes. Her bellwhether dishes indicating overall quality include:

- Lobster over crab
- Steamed fish
- Duck
- Pea shoots/vines
- Mapo tofu

We don't care about ambiance or service - just good food! Any suggestions?

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  1. You have done your research and all you concluded was Yuet Lee?
    It is a real dive that does Cantonese Seafood well.

    1. Favorite salt and pepper crab is at R&G Lounge. Mission Chinese Mapo Tofu is good, or so I hear. Jai Yun is an interesting choice if you want something you can't get in most places in America. If you want deem sum, there are tons of threads on that. For more swanky settings, check out Hakkasan and M.Y. China.

      This question really needs to be more detailed if you are going to get anything useful back. I've never heard of Yuet Lee.

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        Clearly, there are a panoply of options and dives can sometimes be the most interesting. We are looking for hidden gems off the beaten track. As for specificity, we open to a variety of regional cusines and the dishes noted above are favs. At a certain point in researching restaurants, all of the posted menus look similar and the yelp reviews can be decieving (e.g., jimmy johns can be a high ranker).

            1. re: amybobamy

              Where are you from? Would need a starting point to determine what is considered "good".

              Cantonese food in Chinatown is okay at best, but very old fashion. A lot the restaurants serve dishes that are very homestyle cooking, that I don't see much when dining out back in Toronto (where i am from). My dad has a fondness for the restaurant food in SF Chinatown when he visits. He describe it as the food he used to get in Hong Kong back in the 60's/70's.