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[London] Lunch around Tate Modern ?

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Any thoughts?

By way of context, we'll be having a late dinner at Tayyabs (following a very touristy Jack the Ripper walk), so not south asian as well for lunch. Not a "smart" place either, as we'll be in touristing clothes.

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  1. H.

    I think Wrights Oyster and Porter House might suit.
    It's at Borough market and only a 5-10 min walf from Tate Modern.
    You'd be fine in touristy clothes and very different from Tayyabs.

    I'd go for seafood rather than actual fish off the menu as when I went it excellent, the fish was merely good.


    1. I think Magdalen is close by and has always gotten good reports here.

      1. Consider a very quick cab ride to rsj, a French restaurant that should be better known. Spectacular wine list from the Loire - I buy cases from them regularly.


        In the other direction, Jose or pizzaro for Spanish, zucca for Italian on bermondsey street.

          1. Elliots Cafe in Borough Market is very good - they source their ingredients daily from the market. Great wine list too.


            (and if you do go to RJS, which is also good, you needn't a cab, it's about a ten minute walk max from the Tate.


            The Jack the Ripper walk is great - there's a few decent East End boozers towards the end of it (if you do the one that ends up in Spitalfields).

            1. harters - see my post for fora - if you are jonesing for turkish, this is an excellent option and really not all that far from tate modern.

              if you are interested in going, let me know and i'll give you better instructions for the cabbie than just the address.

                1. My thanks for the suggestions, In the event, I came across an online deal for the Real Greek which is just along the riverside from the Tate.

                  It was an object lesson in why chains should never be discounted if in search of a bargain meal. This one offered two courses for a tenner and , unlike many lunchtime “bargains”, there was no cutting back on portion size. Or cutting back on quality.

                  Starters come from two picks from a short mezze menu. We saw off a very decent houmous – rich and with a little background hint of chilli; taramasalata; butter beans in tomato sauce and melitzanosalata – on its way to becoming a puree but still retaining a little texture of the aubergine, garlic and shallots. You get the choice of them being served with flatbread or, as we chose, with crudités.

                  Mains offer you a further two mezze items, served in larger portions. My partner went with herby (oregano?) beef patties and grilled aubergine slices.The latter comes topped with a really delicious chunky tomato sauce that had nothing of the mass-produced about its taste. It come comes with a choice of carb – she picked chips.

                  I went with the chicken kebab. Chunks of grilled chicken (nicely charred), interspersed with red onion and red pepper. Also on the plate, a well dressed Greek salad, incorporating a slab of feta big enough to have been eaten as the only protein on a main course plate. There was also OK rice and an OK flatbread.

                  It’s a lunch I really couldn’t fault for value for money.