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Mar 13, 2013 12:23 PM

[London] Lunch around Tate Modern ?

Any thoughts?

By way of context, we'll be having a late dinner at Tayyabs (following a very touristy Jack the Ripper walk), so not south asian as well for lunch. Not a "smart" place either, as we'll be in touristing clothes.

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  1. H.

    I think Wrights Oyster and Porter House might suit.
    It's at Borough market and only a 5-10 min walf from Tate Modern.
    You'd be fine in touristy clothes and very different from Tayyabs.

    I'd go for seafood rather than actual fish off the menu as when I went it excellent, the fish was merely good.

    1. I think Magdalen is close by and has always gotten good reports here.

      1. Consider a very quick cab ride to rsj, a French restaurant that should be better known. Spectacular wine list from the Loire - I buy cases from them regularly.

        In the other direction, Jose or pizzaro for Spanish, zucca for Italian on bermondsey street.

          1. Elliots Cafe in Borough Market is very good - they source their ingredients daily from the market. Great wine list too.


            (and if you do go to RJS, which is also good, you needn't a cab, it's about a ten minute walk max from the Tate.


            The Jack the Ripper walk is great - there's a few decent East End boozers towards the end of it (if you do the one that ends up in Spitalfields).