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Mar 13, 2013 12:09 PM

Sandwich/Deal/Ramsgate Advice sought

I will be spending the weekend in Sandwich Kent in early May.
We are staying at the Bell Hotel Sandwich and will eat there one night.
The menu is solid enough but very much a hotel menu.
I would go to Cantebury and the Goods Shed or the Sportsman but haven't got a car so logistically it's not viable.
Has anybody got any recs for the above areas that are fairly relaxed preferably with some offal/game and decent seafood? Looking to spend about £60 a head with wine.


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  1. Eddie Gilberts at Ramsgate.

    Downstairs a fishmonger and takeaway chippy.

    Upstairs, a surprisingly decent bistro type place which majors on seafood. "Proper" restaurant dishes and a menu section of "lighter" stuff but you can also order off the chippy menu.

    Herself ordered off the lighter section starting with a bowl of cockles in lemon juice and followed with mussels in Kent cider & cream sauce. I had what must be their signature dish if they actually claim one - duck egg and eel soldiers to dunk. And, no, that's not a typo - eel soldiers. Followed by decent enough haddock & chips. Very good chips (they fry in dripping), good (but not very good) fish. But then I'm a northerner and very fussy about my fish & chips.

    We went in 2010 - things may have changed.