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Mar 13, 2013 11:48 AM

Cool Bday Dinner for 10 - So far The Nomad & L'Artusi

Hello All,

I'm looking for a spot that would suit a group of 8-10 (mostly girls) for a birthday dinner three weeks from this weekend.

So far I've been able to secure a reservation at the Nomad for 8 (Friday 10PM) and L'Artusi, also for 8 (Saturday 9:15), with the latter obviously being more preferrable. We've previously done Public, which was fun, but the food was a bit out there for several in our group.

Looking for a combination of new, unique, great food, and pricepoints similar to the restaurants above.

If you could A) please comment on the choice i currently have or B) reccomend me some others, I would very much appreciate it! (Also, any thoughts on cool places to go after would be great, seems like many speakeasies dont like large groups)

Thank You

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. You're sure you have the right NoMad, right? The one with the capital "M"?

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Apologies, this is indeed The NoMad, hence the unfortunate reservation time. It seems that I will keep that if its possible they move it earlier.

          Any comments on L'artusi? In case 10PM on a friday doesnt work well

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          1. re: JBG89

            L'Artusi will be good but it's less impressive in terms of atmosphere, decor, and service than the NoMad. Not bad per se but just they operate on different levels. To me it is a really good neighborhood place. The NoMad is more of a special occasion. The NoMad is more expensive, too, especially if you get the fruits de mer or the chicken. Also at the NoMad you could try their bar or the Library Room for drinks afterwards, or go to the Ace Hotel Lobby. Not sure how crowded it will be at either on a weekend night though. Especially with a big group.

            1. re: JBG89

              I love L'Artusi! it's not very new or unique - but great food, great wines, solid atmosphere, etc. Hard to get a table there too, so I'd be excited in your shoes. NoMad is much more formal and fancier (and I found it overpriced, though delicious), but especially for a group, I'd go with L'artusi hands down. For a group of that size I don't have any terrific new suggestions and in fact will be watching this space to see if anyone has ideas that I can poach :)

            2. I swear it sounds like im a shill for them but the whole pig at the breslin is awesome - 75/pp (unless its gone up). ill not infer from "mostly girls" that you are looking for lighter fare or a more feminine touch but the food is seriously great, the less "out there" interested folks can just enjoy the beautiful porky goodness (and amazing potatoes, and really good salad) while those of you more adventurous try the nose/brain/ear/tongue when they bring back the pig head disassembled for further carnage.

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              1. re: tex.s.toast

                If Public was considered "a little out there," I think actually seeing the whole suckling pig might also be.

                1. re: kathryn

                  It was more the raw kangaroo haha...

                  appreciate all the reccomendations, however unless the pig comes with drinks/appetizers it may go well over my limit.

                  1. re: JBG89

                    It does come with sides & dessert.

                    whole roasted suckling pig
                    $75 per person
                    $120 with wine pairing

                    whole roasted suckling pig
                    salsa rosa & salsa verde

                    accompanied by:
                    herbed caesar salad with anchovy croutons
                    roasted brussels sprouts with apple chutney
                    roasted baby carrots
                    duck fat fried potatoes
                    clementine cake
                    citrus syrup, crème fraiche whipped cream