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Mar 13, 2013 11:47 AM

Cold Smoked Salmon-- Miami

Other than the frozen/packaged stuff that they sell in the supermarket and some bagel places, is there a cold smokehouse in the Miami area that does salmon? Anywhere to get it?

I looking for non-frozen cold smoked salmon that hasn't traveled 1000 miles from NY, something smoked locally. (Not the hot-smoked, flaky salmon)

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  1. Go to Josh's Deli in Surfside. Nova-style salmon, cured, smoked or pastrami style, all done in-house. It's a restaurant, not a retail outlet, but he can probably hook you up.

    1. there'a a russian deli shop in the strip mall across from trump sunny isles - you'll get smoked fish there that will knock your socks off. i am sure it's not local though.

      1. Try Acme Smoked Fish. Don't know if they sell retail./////Disregard -- Did some further checking and they are from Brooklyn.

        1. Do Farm Fresh (schoor's) pickles in Ft Laud do any cold smoking?