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Goat Meat and Mutton?

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I am looking for goat meat and mutton in the Boston and Metrowest area. Anyone know of butchers or farms that supply?

Thank you!

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  1. Your best bet is one of the Middle Eastern halal markets - they all sell goat meat, e.g.:

    Hamdi Halal Market on Tremont
    Garden Halal Meat on 96 Blackstone

    1. puritan beef on blackstone also has various parts of goat, including heads.

      1. I have seen goat meat (frozen) at the Super 88 in Malden. I also believe I have seen it frozen at the H-Mart in Burlington.

        I have purchased goat from my meat CSA as an add-on item. You might check with meat CSAs that have pick-ups or attend farmers markets in your area to see if they can help you.

        1. Waltham India Market has goat meat for $7/lb.
          They seem to do the butchering there.

          1. Thank you very much! This is great!

            1. If you're interested in local sourcing, MF Dulock sometimes bring in goat (I'd call in advance) and out in Metrowest, Codman Community Farm would often have it frozen at their self-serve shop.

              Mutton, I'd be interested to hear about any leads myself.

              1. You should try Frizzell Hill Farm in Westerm Mass. I know they supply goat to some restaurants in the area.


                1. I've seen goat at the Market Basket in Somerville.