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Mar 13, 2013 10:13 AM

Downtown Charleston restaurants for people with food allergies?

We have some family coming into town, and one has serious food allergies to just about everything. It's kind of down to rice and chicken breast. Is there anyplace downtown that has good food, but can also accommodate these kinds of allergies? I was thinking Hominy probably has a diverse enough menu.

Anybody have any experience in this arena?

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  1. I have a friend who has food allergies. We have had good luck at High Cotton, and Charleston Place. I say call places that have menus you like and ask. Many places are very accomodating. Except for Husk,by reputation.

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    1. re: Sue in Mt P

      Husk was EXTREMELY accommodating to my dietary restriction. I emailed prior to visiting and I was encouraged by chef to let them know date of visit and specifics of my needs. It simply could not have been better!

      1. re: powderhound

        I have been with an allergy problem was not an issue. The only complaints I have heard are from "I don't want that " people not true dietary restriction people.